Lighthouse - Thoughts Of Movin' On - 1971


 Originally formed in 1968, this legendary Canadian horn-rock band spanned rock 'n' roll,
 jazz, progressive, and classical music. Released in December 1971,
 "Thoughts Of Movin' On" was their fifth album,
 and appeared on the legendary Vertigo imprint in the UK.
It makes its long-overdue CD debut here.

Albero motore - Il grande gioco 1974

This long out-of-print record is finally available again courtesy of Vinyl Magic! A five-piece band consisting of very good and capable musicians from Rome, Alberomotore (or Albero Motore as it was sometimes referred to) were aided and produced by the 1960s singer/guitarist Ricky Gianco. At different stages of their career, they were involved with various acts such as Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray, Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, Samadhi, Goblin, Libra, Quella Vecchia

Cheval Fou - Cheval Fou 1975 French Rock


 The one and only album from this French band.

Cheval Fou was led by Michel Peteau, the man also responsible for Nyl. It's album has received very favourable reviews. Where Nyl are more space rock, Cheval Fou is much more Krautrock. This despite of Cheval Fou being French.

Action - Action (1972) [Reissue 2009]

 Action is more hard-rock than Krautrock,
 played a heavy rock/prog blend influenced by Deep Purple,
the two-part opus "Miscarriage Of Human Thinking" is the album's highlight,
with hints of Vanilla Fudge, Brian Auger and Pink Floyd.
In contrast "Hell Track" is straight ahead hard-rock

Brigade - Last Laugh (1970) [Reissue 2002]

Formed in North Portland, Oregon during the summer of 1966. Brigade won the KLSN Radio Portland Teen Fair Battle Of The Bands on 9th June 1968 and received a 1954 custom purple Cadillac Hearse as a prize! By now they were a top local attraction and the same year they signed to the American Record Company