Extradition - Hush 1971

Extradition's sole album is highly worthwhile, and often entrancing, folk music that bleeds over into folk-rock and psychedelia, even though there aren't electric guitars and conventional rock drums. While the entirely original songs are at their base much like British folk music in their haunting melodies and somber lyrical tone, they owe far less to traditional British folk than much British folk-rock did, drawing in "acid folk" (though that label didn't exist back then), classical, and even avant-garde influences.

Emtidi - Saat 1972

Emtidi were a duo made up of Maik Hirschfeldt from Germany and Canadian Dolly Holmes, who initially presented a rough-around-the-edges acoustic folk album for their debut all the way back in 1970. Two years later, and the pair not only gave their folky tunes an acid-twisted working over, but they introduced Mellotron and other trippy electronic enhancements to take their music a gentle step closer to some of the sounds that the harder rocking underground German bands were experimenting with, even offering two ambitious extended psychedelic suites, and `Saat' now holds a quietly spoken of place among so many other notable `Krautrock' works from the early Seventies.

Northwind - 1971 - Sister, Brother, Lover

The 1971 “Sister, Brother, Lover” is a highly rated rural progressive-rock.
 Since its first reissue back in 1994 it has been one of the favourites of collectors
 of the label. Now re-mastered, it includes 2 rare bonus tracks.
 The band's sound has been likened to that of the twin lead guitar style of
 early Wishbone Ash with refined vocals. The songs are spiced with tasteful
organ/piano and additional percussion throughout.

The Pentangle - Basket Of Light 1969

'Basket of Light' is the third Pentangle record and their masterpiece. The band had developped a good equlibrium between traditional folk songs and band compositions in their typical Jazz-Folk-Blues style. The album opener 'Light Flight', which has become their signature song, is a band composition based on a tricky rhythm track(alternating 5/8, 7/8, 6/4) over which Jacqui Mc Shee lays her lead and overdubbed vocals. 'Once I had a sweetheart' is a traditional folk song with an interesting Sitar solo by John Renbourn, followed by another band composition 'Springtime Promises' with Bert Jansch on lead vocals

Laurelie - Laurelie 1970

Laurelie biography
LAURELIE is part of the first wave of prog groups to appear in Belgium (along with WATERLOO, MAD CURRY & The PEBBLES), even if there were still many psychedelic treats in their music (this is true also for the other groups just mentioned). Seemingly out of Eastern Belgium?s Ardennes, the group was a standard prog quartet with a flutist. Their sole album, released on a Barclay subsidiary label called triangle was released in early 1970 and they sounded a bit like TRAFFIC, with a touch of BJH in their more symphonic moments.