Strollers - Waiting Is ( 1973)

Amazing album from obscure band from Malaysia The Strollers, recorded in 1973.
 '' Waiting is...'' remains as one of the best psychedelic albums ever recorded in Asia:
 superb musicianship, top sound & production and original songs sung in perfect english.
It ranges from full- blown heavy psych with killer organ,
guitar & flute to amazing UK late sixties styled pop- psych and some funkiest & proggy moments.

Svanfridur - What's Hidden There (1972)

Hailing from Iceland, Svanfridur were a four-piece who in the summer of 1972 recorded a single album, titled "What's Hidden There?". The album, recorded in London, can be considered one of the most interesting examples of heavy progressive rock mixed with influences from local folk music. Svanfridur's compositions feature complex vocal harmonies and an original, inventive use of violin and Moog synthesizers, courtesy of guest musician and arranger Sigurdur Johnsson.
Highly recommended to any Prog lover and worth 4,5 stars for its uniqueness!

Ithaca - A Game for All Who Know 1973

ITHACA (a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, featured in Homer's Odyssey) is a collaboration between John Ferdinando & Peter Howell, and sweet-voiced female vocalist Lee Menelaus. Ferdinando and Howell worked on several Psych-Folk albums together, although "A Game for All Who Know" (1973) was the only album released under the Ithaca name.

Synanthesia (1969, 2006)

4 stars. Synanthesia’s lone album is one of those forgotten psych folk minor recordings from the late sixties that managed to get released only because of the wide-open landscape of musical expression that existed at the time, but which was fast changing as that decade came to a close. One has to wonder if the band would have had more success if they had released this a couple years prior, or if RCA had gone to any expense at all in promoting the group.

Gomorrha - Trauma 1971

Formed at the end of the 60's, Gomorrha rised from the German progressive rock scene thanks to the help of the producer and sound engineer Conny Plank. The band original line up includes Helmut Pohl (drums) and Eberhard Krietsch (ogan, bass) with Ad Oschel and Ali Claudi at the guitars. They released their first album in 1970. The second recording "trauma" (1971) really marks a new step in the development of Gomorrha's original song. They distinguish with a dense heavy psych rock experience punctuated by organ dominated sequences. It now includes lyrics in English and a lead singer in the name of Peter Otten.