Zabu - My Coffin's Ready 1972

ZABU, also known under the name Lucien ZABUSKI, was the first MAGMA's first singer. A part of the Thélème label, so dear to Laurent THIBAUT, "My Coffin's Ready" (1972) proves to be very different from anything we could expect, given that it is actually a French blues album. Without any pretence, this masterpiece manages to captivate the listener all along. The singer's rough and energetic voice dominates the music with great ease. We'll also notice the participation of such prestigious musicians as Christian VANDER, Francis MOZE, Teddy LASRY, Yochk'o SEFFER and Marc PERRU. As you already know, most of them are obviously part of the Zeuhl universe. Here is then a definite historic document !

Aera - Mechelwind [1973-2009-2CD]

Excellent archival release that predates their debut album "Humanum Est". This one features organist Steve Robinson from Twenty Sixty Six and Then, and plays down their later fusion tendencies. Great album, more towards traditional Krautrock, and represents a completely different side of the band.

Strollers - Waiting Is ( 1973)

Amazing album from obscure band from Malaysia The Strollers, recorded in 1973.
 '' Waiting is...'' remains as one of the best psychedelic albums ever recorded in Asia:
 superb musicianship, top sound & production and original songs sung in perfect english.
It ranges from full- blown heavy psych with killer organ,
guitar & flute to amazing UK late sixties styled pop- psych and some funkiest & proggy moments.

Svanfridur - What's Hidden There (1972)

Hailing from Iceland, Svanfridur were a four-piece who in the summer of 1972 recorded a single album, titled "What's Hidden There?". The album, recorded in London, can be considered one of the most interesting examples of heavy progressive rock mixed with influences from local folk music. Svanfridur's compositions feature complex vocal harmonies and an original, inventive use of violin and Moog synthesizers, courtesy of guest musician and arranger Sigurdur Johnsson.
Highly recommended to any Prog lover and worth 4,5 stars for its uniqueness!

Ithaca - A Game for All Who Know 1973

ITHACA (a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, featured in Homer's Odyssey) is a collaboration between John Ferdinando & Peter Howell, and sweet-voiced female vocalist Lee Menelaus. Ferdinando and Howell worked on several Psych-Folk albums together, although "A Game for All Who Know" (1973) was the only album released under the Ithaca name.