Dalton - Riflessioni - Idea D'Infinito 1973(2006)

 Dalton play inventive and at the same time accessible music with virtuostic keyboards (piano, organ, moog, mellotron), flute, bluesy guitar, strong rhythm section, interesting interplay between instruments, good vocals and unique Italian grace.

Jeremy Spencer and The Children 1972 (ED2007)


Jeremy Spencer and the Children is an album by British blues rock musician Jeremy Spencer,
who was a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1967-1971.
Released in 1972, this was his second solo album although it was credited to
"Jeremy Spencer and the Children", referring to his band made up of members of the Children of God organisation.

Alas - Alas (1976) [Re2007]

Alas' debut album is an incredibly strong piece of progressive art-rock inspired by ELP, Canterbury prog, fusion a la Return to Forever. Considering that this is a debut album, the compositional and playing strength is jaw-dropping.

XIT - Silent Warrior 1973 [ED 2000]


 XIT was originally based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Members include founder and Native American Music Award winner Tom Bee,
(writer of lyrics on Plight of the Redman).
The original group were
A. Michael Martinez (singer and lead guitar on Plight),
Mac Suazo (narrator and bass on Plight),
Lee Herrerra (drums on Plight),  
R. C. Garriss (2nd lead guitar on Plight).

"XIT" stands for "crossing of Indian Tribes", according to Tom Bee.  
Their music often addresses themes of historic and contemporary Native American issues.
Their initial recording, 1972's Plight of the Redman,
is a concept album about the changes in Native American life since the arrival of Columbus.

Title: Silent Warrior  1973    [SOAR 102  ED 2000]

Artist: XIT

The follow up to the classic "Plight of the Redman". A top 5 European single with "Reservation of Education" and also includes "Birth," "Color Nature Gone," Anthem of the American Indian," and more. One reporter once wrote "These guys XIT are to the Indians what the Beatles were to the white folks."


01: We Live                
02: Awakening     
03: Birth                
04: Reservatio Of Education     
05: Color Nature Gone                
06: Cement Prairie     

07: Young Warrior                
08: Anthem Of The American Indian




Broken Glass - 1975 - (Stan Webb & Miller Anderson)


In the early Seventies with the British Blues scene a little stale,
Stan Webb took time out from his band Chicken Shack to form a brilliant band entitled broken glass
featuring such great players as Miller Anderson, Robbie Blunt, Mac Poole and Rob Rawlinson.
The three pronged guitar attack of Webb,

Max Webster - High Class In Borrowed Shoes 1977 [Rem2011]


 Max Webster's second album High Class In Borrowed Shoes, originally released in 1977, is regarded as their pinnacle accomplishment. It is a record of unique appeal, bringing together both the sublime and the outrageous in one bubbling cauldron. Leader Kim Mitchell's laconic vocals, biting lead guitar work and crushing riffs make for some of the most compelling and enjoyable music to have ever been birthed by a North American rock group, including the work of fellow Canadian uber progmen Rush. Produced by Terry Brown (Rush, Klaatu) with pin-point accuracy, High Class... is very much a product of art over commerce.

Dalton - Argitari (1975) [2005 REMASTER]

This is a real rarity that should be of note to fans of The Strawbs.

This album was the last version of Dalton and different than the one who made the previous album. "Argitari" has about two songs that are symphonic prog and the rest of the album is more prog folk and pop to my ears. It's a nice album featuring Italian vocals, acoustic guitars, flutes, keyboards, and laid back rhythm section. Most of the tracks are mellow with just a few rockers.

Stelios Petrkis - Orion 2008


A stunning assembly of highly talented musicians have gathered around Stelios Petrakis, an outstanding young composer and a virtuoso of the lyra, Crete's emblematic instrument. Powerful, poetic melodies and lyrics mark this musical suite evoking sun and wind, the ancestral elements at the basis of Cretan culture. Orion fell in love with Pleione, whose daughters were changed into stars (the Pleiades). Ancient myths and symbols, sun and light, the disappearance of evil and the struggle for an inaccessible ideal--all contributed to this album dedicated to the legendary hunter of Greek mythology, now one of the most prominent constellations in the night sky.

Steeleye Span - Time 1996

Time is an album by Steeleye Span. The album was released in 1996, after a seven year hiatus. The impetus for the album was a 25th anniversary reunion tour the year before, during which most of the former members of the band performed together. Maddy Prior was experiencing voice problems so she spoke to Gay Woods, a founding member who had left the band after the first album, to rejoin. Woods initially resisted this move, since she had not performed publicly for some time, but Prior eventually prevailed and Woods returned to the band. The result was only the second Steeleye Span album to feature two female singers, which was used to very good effect on the ironic "Old Maid in the Garrett" and to a lesser extent on "The Prickly Bush" and "The Cutty Wren". Both Prior and Woods provide lead vocals on different songs.