Broken Glass - 1975 - (Stan Webb & Miller Anderson)


In the early Seventies with the British Blues scene a little stale,
Stan Webb took time out from his band Chicken Shack to form a brilliant band entitled broken glass
featuring such great players as Miller Anderson, Robbie Blunt, Mac Poole and Rob Rawlinson.
The three pronged guitar attack of Webb,

Anderson and Blunt soon had venues rocking and EMI put the money up for the bands debut album.
 The album hit the streets to great reviews and Broken Glass
seemed on their way to fame and fortune the quality of the Webb,
 Anderson, Bunt compositions was exceptional but as often beset bands in the Seventies
 problems with management ensued and the project collapsed.
 The legacy of Broken Glass is only one great album available here for the first time.

Following his sojourn with Savoy Brown, Stan's next recorded output was with Broken Glass. This featured Robbie Blunt on guitar, and also Miller Anderson. This was recorded in 22 days in November 1975 and released the following month.
Now this album has some significance for later Chicken Shack recordings as at least two tracks are re-recorded and renamed later on. It's Alright becomes So Far Back on Roadies Concerto (available on the Black Night CD) whilst Take the Water has an even more interesting future as will be explained later.
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01. Standing On The Border [03:39]
02. It's Alright [03:40]
03. Keep Your Love [04:42]
04. Can't Keep You Satisfied [05:21]
05. Jersey Lightning [01:54]
06. It's Evil [03:48]
07. Ain't No Magic [05:15]
08. Crying Smiling [03:55]
09. Take The Water [05:29]
10. Broken Glass [02:32]

Stan Webb (guitar)
Robbie Blunt (vocals)
Rob Rawlinson (bass)
Mac Poole (drums)
Miller Anderson (guitar)


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