Brigade - Last Laugh (1970) [Reissue 2002]

Formed in North Portland, Oregon during the summer of 1966. Brigade won the KLSN Radio Portland Teen Fair Battle Of The Bands on 9th June 1968 and received a 1954 custom purple Cadillac Hearse as a prize! By now they were a top local attraction and the same year they signed to the American Record Company and recorded a demo which received a lot of local airplay. They went on to record an album for the B&V (Band 'n' Vocal) label in 1970, but split up before it was released. Consequently it received little airplay and flopped. The band all went on to college or further education. Today the album is exceedingly rare, even the more recent vinyl reissue on Rockadelic, which was limited to just 350 copies, has already become hard to come by. Even this CD release is shrinking in supply. Musically, it consists of keyboard-dominated progressive rock. On the first four tracks, which comprised side one of the vinyl release, it is more a case of them finding their voice. The final four tracks, which comprised side two of the vinyl release, have an overall more solid sound, with some exhilarating keyboard playing on Self-Made God, the highlight of the album.

01. Change In Me
02. Love Day For Day
03. Desert Song (You're All Alone)
04. Bad Town
05. Self Made God
06. Forever
07. Circles Of Life
08. Everybody Is Laughing

Total time: 31:04


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