XIT - Silent Warrior 1973 [ED 2000]


 XIT was originally based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.
Members include founder and Native American Music Award winner Tom Bee,
(writer of lyrics on Plight of the Redman).
The original group were
A. Michael Martinez (singer and lead guitar on Plight),
Mac Suazo (narrator and bass on Plight),
Lee Herrerra (drums on Plight),  
R. C. Garriss (2nd lead guitar on Plight).

"XIT" stands for "crossing of Indian Tribes", according to Tom Bee.  
Their music often addresses themes of historic and contemporary Native American issues.
Their initial recording, 1972's Plight of the Redman,
is a concept album about the changes in Native American life since the arrival of Columbus.

Title: Silent Warrior  1973    [SOAR 102  ED 2000]

Artist: XIT

The follow up to the classic "Plight of the Redman". A top 5 European single with "Reservation of Education" and also includes "Birth," "Color Nature Gone," Anthem of the American Indian," and more. One reporter once wrote "These guys XIT are to the Indians what the Beatles were to the white folks."


01: We Live                
02: Awakening     
03: Birth                
04: Reservatio Of Education     
05: Color Nature Gone                
06: Cement Prairie     

07: Young Warrior                
08: Anthem Of The American Indian





Fogo said...

Hello progger ears.
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JohnM said...

"XIT" stands for "crossing of Indian Tribes", according to Tom Bee

I wonder.

They were originally called "Lincoln Street Exit" and released one major label LP under that name. The fact is that the last three letters of the old name became the new one. Still it's a nice story.

Thanks for the post. I have "Plight of the Redman" in FLAC which I can post for you if you don't have it. I also have Entrance but only in mp3. This is my favourite of theirs. I'd love an upgrade.

progger ears said...

@Fogo :
Have a nice listening!

XIT - Plight Of The Redman (1972) is already on this blog...
but thanks anyway, have a nice time -;)

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Thx alot for this XIT release. Unfortunately I can't find a pass to it ;-) Best regards Beatnik

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Ah, found the pass in direct link. Everything's okay ;-)