Gomorrha - Trauma 1971

Formed at the end of the 60's, Gomorrha rised from the German progressive rock scene thanks to the help of the producer and sound engineer Conny Plank. The band original line up includes Helmut Pohl (drums) and Eberhard Krietsch (ogan, bass) with Ad Oschel and Ali Claudi at the guitars. They released their first album in 1970. The second recording "trauma" (1971) really marks a new step in the development of Gomorrha's original song. They distinguish with a dense heavy psych rock experience punctuated by organ dominated sequences. It now includes lyrics in English and a lead singer in the name of Peter Otten.

The band Gomorrha based in Cologne in 1969 has been influenced initially strongly by 60's beat music
and the original version of this album here (which is added up as bonus on the CD re-release)
is kept basically in this style using German lyrics.
Since especially their vocals in native language wasn't that much appreciated on concerts
the band decided to discard the complete recordings and to do new ones with singing in
English adding a much stronger psyche and bluesey touch to the songs.
Those are mainly dominated by guitar and especially on the title track which is the longest
and certainly most interesting one plenty of solos can be found.
Keyboards have been used rather sparsely but then highly efficient and in a freaky and psychedelic vein.
Not everything on this work here can be considered as Prog since the rest of the songs are more or less blues-tinged psyche rock.
Although this album is nonetheless a quite decent debut and an interesting collector's item for all fans of early Krautrock.

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Journey (3:12)
2. Trauma (13:12)
3. Yesterday (3:45)
4. Lola (4:26)
5. Dead Land (3:28)
6. Summer (2:45)
7. Rainbowlight (2:42)
8. Dance of Circles (3:07)
9. Firehands (3:13)
Bonus tracks: German Version
10. Lola (4:03)
11. Totes Land (3:26)
12. Flammenhände (3:12)
13. Reise (2:38)
14. Regenbogenschein ( 3:02)
15. Gestern (3:22)
16. Kreiseltanz (4:11)
17. Sommer (3:48)
18. Trauma (9:11)

Total Time: 76:43
Line-up / Musicians

- Helmut Pohl / drums, flute
- Ali Claudi / guitar, vocals
- Eberhard Krietsch / bass, keyboards, organ, vocals
- Ad Ochel / guitar, vibraphone, vocals
- Peter Otten / vocals


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