Dalton - Riflessioni - Idea D'Infinito 1973(2006)

 Dalton play inventive and at the same time accessible music with virtuostic keyboards (piano, organ, moog, mellotron), flute, bluesy guitar, strong rhythm section, interesting interplay between instruments, good vocals and unique Italian grace.

There are hints of Jethro Tull and classic rock bands like Deep Purple. Strange, the beginning of the first track reminds me of keyboard intro in ''Tarot Woman'' from Rainbow ''Rising'' (released 3 years later). Despite influences I DALTON don't sound like any other band I know.

Songs on ''Riflessioni: Idea d'Infinito'' are always energetic, even in slower parts. The whole album is concentrated energy filled with melodies. And it has the quality I value most of all - it attracts your attention from the first note to the very end.

Powerful and elegant, I DALTON debut album, unfortunately generally overlooked, deserves to stay in the same row as well-known RPI classics like PFM's ''Storia di un minuto'' and ''Per un amico'' or ''Uomo di pezza'' by Le Orme.

Essential in any good RPI collection. Highly recommended. Very close to 5 stars. OK, 5 stars.

P.S.    If you decided to buy ''Riflessioni...'', better get 2006  reissue, it contains bonus track and, additionally, those who own it tell there are no noises. 

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 Tracks Listing

 1 Idea D'Infinito               4:46
 2 Stagione Che Muore               4:20
 3 Cara Emily                       4:55
 4 Riflessioni                       3:50
 5 Un Bambino, Un Uomo, Un Vecchio  3:35
 6 Dimensione Lavoro              12:29
>6.1        Dimensione Lavoro    6:38
>6.2        Idea D'Infinito (Live)    4:49

Track 6.2 is a bonus ghost track. There is 1:02 of silence between tracks 6.1 and 6.2.

Line-up / Musicians

- Temistocle Reduzzi / piano, organ,mellotron, moog, synth and vocals
- Aronne Cereda / acoustic and electric guitars, vocals
- Rino Lamonta / bass guitar and vocals
- Walter "Tati" Locatelli / drums and vocals
- Alex Chiesa / flute and vocals



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