Audience - 1971 - The House On The Hill [RE-POST]

4 stars
 I never thought that two people would get a jump on this great band before I did . This is a all-too-forgotten group that recorde on thr Charima label along Genesis and VDGG. Although very different , Wreth's vocals can remind me of Gnidrolog and Hamill's incredible voice. The sax can remind you of David Jackson , but is there more connection to VDGG? I think not as this an eclectic band that can irk you for those very reasons afore-mentioned , but also please you for those exact reasons also challenging your ears . This is the album one should start with and work backwards. I can't be sure of this but on the back cover , it looks as though , it is Hugh Hopper of Soft Machine being dragged out of the house. As for the numbers on here my fellow reviewers mentioened all those fantastic numbers and they are rght on the spot. Jump on this and its predecessor. Well worth the hunt (From

Studio Album, released in 1971

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Jackdaw (7:28)
2. You're Not Smiling (5:12)
3. I Had a Dream (4:17)
4. Raviole (3:38)
5. Nancy (4:14)
6. Eye to Eye (2:30)
7. I Put a Spell on You (4:08)
8. The House on the Hill (7:27)
9. Indian Summer (3:16)

Total Time: 42:10

Line-up / Musicians

- Howard Werth / guitar, guitar (electric), vocals
- Tony Connor / percussion, drums, vocals (background), vibraphone
- Gus Dudgeon / percussion
- Keith Gemmell / clarinet, flute, saxophone
- Trevor Williams / bass, guitar (bass), keyboards, vocals

Releases information

LP Charisma CAS 1032 (1971)
LP Charisma CHC4 (1983)
CD Virgin CASCD 1032 (1991)

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