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....this album is out of print,  
 traduction from French ;
Belgian Polyphony. Belgium sometimes sends us of atypical artists whose charm attains fast the heart of the public . It was the case of Arno and Deus in a style more rock, or of Starflam for the hip hop. This time, honour to the ladies with the trio of vocal Polyphonies Laïs. Dorothea, their second album, constituted by traditional songs or of original compositions is interpreted in Flamish   and in French 
These three crystalline voices coated with a resolutely modern production transcend pieces that they had no more habit to hear around fires of camps néo - babas.

Music and voice of these three Flemish young persons is really envoutante and magical. In the descendants of their first album, also wonderful 'Dorothea ' takes back the same tones and the same animation of music and voices. The old Flemish   language however rather harsh becomes there singsong and harmonious... Deeply ' Live '...
 Lais is a Belgian girls' vocal trio. Many of their songs are catchy and intricate old folksongs,  but all songs are subtly modernized. The musical arrangements are never overproduced, so they don't take away the attention from Lais' strongest feature: the voices. The songs show off the incredible beautiful voices of the three girls, their voices weaving together in soothing or bittersweet harmonies.
Being from two-tongued Belgium, between the Netherlands and France, Lais sings both in Flemish and French, with occasionally some other languages thrown in, like Rumanian or Finnish, when they try their hand at another culture's multi-vocal singing.
Lais keeps developing itself, and every album pulls off some more virtuose singing then the last. "Lais" is their first album, and a good one to start with.

Melodies are very nice and entrainantes. Voices are splendid. Recommend Folk music for all music amateurs....

01. Doran                                                                   03:44
02. Belle                                                                     02:27
03. Kanneke (tiens bien)                                            03:50
04. Benedetta                                                             03:05
05. Le grand vent                                                       03:19
06. Les douze mois                                                    05:29
07. De valse zeeman                                                  04:01
08. Marider                                                                04:29
09. Comme au sein de la nuit                                    02:18
10. Dorothea                                                              03:27
11. Klaas                                                                    02:57
12. De wanhoop                                                         03:01
13. Tina vieri                                                              04:13
14. Le renard et la belette                                           03:17
15. Le grand vent (a capella) (2:40 + empty space)   18:01

Total Playing Time 67:45
Label:Virgin Music (Belgium) ‎– 7243 8 10576 2 9 (Europe) - 7243 8 10271 2 7
Format:CD  (....this album is out of print)
Genre:Rock, Pop
Style:Folk Rock, Vocal

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