Zabu - My Coffin's Ready 1972

ZABU, also known under the name Lucien ZABUSKI, was the first MAGMA's first singer. A part of the Thélème label, so dear to Laurent THIBAUT, "My Coffin's Ready" (1972) proves to be very different from anything we could expect, given that it is actually a French blues album. Without any pretence, this masterpiece manages to captivate the listener all along. The singer's rough and energetic voice dominates the music with great ease. We'll also notice the participation of such prestigious musicians as Christian VANDER, Francis MOZE, Teddy LASRY, Yochk'o SEFFER and Marc PERRU. As you already know, most of them are obviously part of the Zeuhl universe. Here is then a definite historic document !

01 Yellow Girl
02 Doctor Moonshine
03 Coffin's Ready
04 Subversion Blues
05 Informer Blues
06 Silent Angel
07 Ice-Pick Blues


Zabu - vocals, rhythm guitar

Dominique Frideloux - electric guitar
Marc Perru - electric guitar
Lahouari Benne Djadi - electric piano
Francis Moze - piano
Edouard Magnani - bass
Richard Siltich - bass
Michel Santangelli - drums
Christian Vander - drums
B. B. Brutus - drums
Teddy Lasry - sax
Yochk'o Seffer - sax
Eric Langeberteaux - flute
Serge Grünberg - background vocals
Laurent Grangier - sax, vocals
Thierry Beaugin - bass
Pierre-Yves Ganne - guitar
Gégé Baroukh - lead guitar
Etienne Martinelli - keyboards
Christian Nicolas – drums

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