Memorial Persevalk !!! R.I.P.

 Hello people!
(My name is Sylv)
 On 29 October 2013,
a deadly car accident put an end to the existence of my life companion,
known here under the name Val.

As Memorial I want let her blog further maintained!!

This way she will be here with us.

Note, I have no access ,and not the password of her mailbox,
May I ask the virtual contacts to write in the comments  below, if need!
and give me your mail adress , so I can answer you in private!  

Yours Sylv
Update:25 nov 2013

many thanks to all of you for sympathy,
there are so many comments ,
 I can not send answer to anyone.
 I will send a mail to the contacts, please  understand it is not that easy for me.
Understand i do not  want publish any of your comments here !
Thanks to all of  You!

(Update 28Juny 2014) : The new Admin is : progDeaf gerEars 

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