Action - Action (1972) [Reissue 2009]

 Action is more hard-rock than Krautrock,
 played a heavy rock/prog blend influenced by Deep Purple,
the two-part opus "Miscarriage Of Human Thinking" is the album's highlight,
with hints of Vanilla Fudge, Brian Auger and Pink Floyd.
In contrast "Hell Track" is straight ahead hard-rock
(by  ultimathulerecords )

One of many obscure bands from the 1970's not documented at the time.
Apparently the album was recorded for Kerston Records in 1972,
but was never released. 

Action hailed from Zweibrücken,
and played a heavy prog blend quite obviously influenced by Deep Purple,
organ fronted and with Wolfgang Benki notably indebted to Ian Gillan.
Over all it sounds more like a demo than a proper album.
the final (bonus) track is a live recording of rather mediocre quality.

01.Miscarriage Of Human Thinking (Part I) 3:30
02.Miscarriage Of Human Thinking (Part II) 13:13
03.Hell Track 11:56
04.You Are The Lady 7:51
05.Hell Track (Bonus) 11:50
06.Miscarriage Of Human Thinking (Bonus)
07.You Are The Lady (Bonus) 8:43

Wolfgang Benki (vocals)
Otto Nunold (organ)
Harald Schindler (bass)
Charlie Fottner (guitar)
Ernest Cadet (drums)

Tracks 1 to 4 recorded in 1972. Tracks 5 to 7 recorded in 2008.
Tracks 1 to 4 originally released in 1997 on Very Good Records (500 copies on black vinyl, 100 copies on green vinyl).
On tray card:
(P) 1972 Action
(C) 2009 Garden of Delights

On booklet back cover:
(P) 1972 Action
(C) 1997 Very Good Records
(C) 2009 Garden of Delights 


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