Sugarloaf & Spaceship Earth - A Golden Classics Edition(1974)

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Green Eyed Lady made an overnight sensation of Sugarloaf-but their success didn't end overnight. The two albums on this CD also produced the hits Tongue in Cheek and Mother Nature's Wine . And as a bonus track, this release features their 1974 Top 10 hit, Don't Call Us, We'll Call You . 16 tracks!
5.0 out of 5 stars SPACESHIP EARTH was definitely an overlooked CLASSIC June 26, 1999

By tvan97
Format:Audio CD
If you liked the hit "Green-Eyed Lady" you'll love the 6:48 min uncut version. However the real mindblower here (other than "Green") is "Space- ship Earth" a truly classic LP. Recorded just a few months after the 1st LP, it picks up where Green Eyed Lady left off & expands upon that mysterious mood. All of Spaceship is far superior to the other stuff on album #1. The jazzy & hard rock touches remain, & unexpected musical ideas pop up everywhere. The title cut is an awesome instrumental with nice dual guitar & the band functioning as an interlocking & interacting unit. "Rusty Cloud" is an uptempo environmental tune with great lyrics & a fuzz guitar chorus. "Woman" has more great instrumental work & a nice bluesy vocal break, & "Mother Nature's Wine" may be the best song on the disc, capturing a very mysterious feeling. The harmony vocals on this disc (especially on "Woman" & "Mother Nature's")are so incredible they'll send chills up your spine. After these guys all pass on, they'll be turning in their graves wondering how they could have made one of the best classic rock LPs of all time only to have it go completely unnoticed. Strangely "Hot Water" which appears as a sort of superfluous tune on the original vinyl is sorely missed. It added a hard rock edge & it's absence interrupts the sequencing of the songs on the cd. If you liked Green-Eyed Lady - you want this!!!You won't be sorry.

Hot Water =>

The song "Hot Water" from the original "Spaceship Eart" album does not appear on the CD,
due to the time limit allowed

1. Green-Eyed Lady
2. Train Kept a Rollin' (Stroll On)
3. Bach Doors Man/Chest Fever
4. West of Tomorrow
5. Gold and the Blues
6. Things Gonna Change Some
7. Spaceship Earth
 8. Rusty Cloud
9. I Don't Need You Baby
10. Rollin' Hills
11. Mother Nature's Wine
12. Country Dawg
13. Woman
14. Music Box
15. Tongue in Cheek
16. Don't Call Us, We'll Call You

Time: 77:56

Jerry Corbetta
Bob Webber
Bob Raymond
Bob MacVittie
Jay Thomms
Veeder Van Dorn (1970)
Bob Yeazel (1973)
Myron Pollock



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I can't seem to find the password......I love these albums. Thanks for posting.

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Amazing Blog! Thanks to you for keeping it alive!

Anonymous said...

Hi progger ears
Thank you for this excellent post. Sugarloaf were unknown to me and now that I got this compilation of their first two albums, I am impressed. They should
have been more successful. You mention that there is a bonus track (Hot Water) taken from a vinyl rip. I think that you forgot to add it to the file. It's missing. And something else, in the text file the second album appears as a 1971 release, but Discogs says 1970. Maybe some promo copies appeared in late 1970 and the album officially came out in 1971.

progger ears said...

Sorry for "Hot Water"
I do not have it anymore!
But i've posted a link to the Sugarloaf YouTube channel ,
were you can listen this beautiful song,
and you will see on their channel that the year date is indeed 1971.

Have a good listen -;)