Roberta Flack - Chapter Two (1970 )

Release Date: August 1970

As" first take" left you breathless, begging for more miss roberta flack gave us more indeed.her very soul runs rapid within the flowing peaceful waters in our minds,bodys,n souls.singing like the true songbird she is without no effort at all,she should definately share the queen's throne as the world's greatest singers on this mother earth.after the soulful reverand lee, she slips into the fabulous,do what you gotta do,just like a woman,let it be me, until it's time for you to go,onto the impossible dream to name the grand highlites.

Only a strong album could adequately follow First Take, and she does so. Roberta Flack's strong sensitive voice is surely one of God's great musical gifts.

"Reverend Lee" is a song to play over and over again. She just tears up "Let It Be Me", and anyone listening to "Gone Away" soon after the breakup of a loving relationship assumes the risk of suicide. "Do What You Gotta Do" makes me want to pick up and run to wherever she might be when she pleads "come on back, and see me when you can".

Too strong
I was a child when this album came out and it has haunted me ever since. Turn the lights out, light a fire in the fireplace, select your favorite bottle of wine, kick the kids out, curl up on the couch with your loved one, put this album on and enjoy. Hell, this albums so good you don't need anyone. Kick everyone out. "Reverend Lee", with good reason, is the classic of this album. You'll feel Roberta's warm breath on your neck as she sings of sin and lust. It'll take you back in time to that someone whom you couldn't resist, even though you knew better. Other favorites are "Do What You Gotta Do", "Gone Away", and "Until It's Time For You To Go". Those three songs along with "Just Like A Woman" are beautiful in their meaning and the mood they create. "Business Goes On As Usual" is placed last. It's a haunting anti-war song and you'd think it wouldn't fit in with the other songs of love and regret but it does. That's because it too is about love and the lose of that loved one. My personal favorite is "Let It Be Me". Like "Impossible Dream", Roberta's voice, the tempo, what I believe is a French Horn in the background, all combine to make you realize how beautiful songs can be, even songs you've heard a hundred times, when given to a vocal talent such as Roberta Flack. After you've recharged your soul with this album, let the spouce and kids back in and give them a hug.
1. Reverend Lee [McDaniels] (4:31)
2. Do What You Gotta Do [Webb] (4:09)
3. Just Like a Woman [Dylan] (6:14)
4. Let It Be Me [Becaud, Curtis, Delanoe] (5:00)
5. Gone Away Until It's Time [Hathaway, Hutson, Mayfield] (5:16)
6. Until It's Time for You to Go [Sainte-Marie] (4:57)
7. Impossible Dream [Darion, Leigh] (4:42)
8. Business Goes on as Usual [Hellerman, Minkoff] (3:30)
Roberta Flack Piano, Vocals (Background), Liner Notes, Main Performer, Vocals
Donny Hathaway Piano, Vocals (Background), Arranger
King Curtis Arranger, Vocals (Background), Producer
Hubert Laws Flute, Flute (Alto), Flute (Bass)
Chuck Rainey Bass (Electric)
Ernie Royal Strings
Deodato Conductor, String Arrangements, Horn Arrangements
Corky Hale Harp
Gene McDaniels Vocals (Background)
Alfred Brown Strings
Garnett Brown Strings
Peter Buonconsigilio Strings
Selwart Clarke Strings
Noel DaCosta Strings
Peter Dimitriades Strings
Joel Dorn Arranger, Producer
John Frosk Strings
Eric Gale Guitar
Joe Gentle Flute, Flute (Alto), Flute (Bass)
Emanuel Green Strings
Harry Lookofsky Strings
Marshall Hawkins Bass
Leo Kahn Strings
Trevor Lawrence Strings
Ray Lucas Drums
Joseph Malin Strings
George Marge Strings
Kermit Moore Strings
Gene Orloff Strings
Terry Plumeri Bass
Raoul Poliakin Strings
Max Pollikoff Strings
Tosha Samaroff Strings
Warren Smith Percussion
Bernard Sweetney Drums
Frank Wess Strings
Chauncey Welsch Strings
John Swallow Euphonium
Seymour Miroff Strings
Stanford Allen Strings
Arnold Block Strings

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