Bush - Bush 1971

Features Dominic Trioiano, later of the Guess Who and the James Gang, on guitar. Singer Roy Kenner was also in the post-Joe Walsh James Gang. Prakash John and Whitey Glen were rythym section for hire on dozens of records including records by Lou Reed, Alice Cooper and John Kay. A note for note cover of "I Can Hear You Calling" was done by Three Dog Night. A great album,

Hard Rock, Blues Rock

1. Back Stage Girl (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 2:57
2. Yonge St. Patty (Domenic Troiano) - 2:48
3. Got to Leave the City (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 3:36
4. I Miss You (Domenic Troiano) - 2:52
5. Grand Commander (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 4:19
6. Cross Country Man (Domenic Troiano) - 3:56
7. I Can Hear You Calling (Pentti "Whitey' Glan, Roy Kenner, Hugh Sullivan, Domenic Troiano) - 2:48
8. Messin' Around With Boxes (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 2:51
9. Livin' Life (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 3:17
10. Turn Down (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 4:00
11. Drink Your Wine (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 5:51
12. Try (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 2:50
13. Lookin' (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 3:22
14. Wicked Woman (Roy Kenner, Domenic Troiano) - 3:11
15. Cross Country Man (Domenic Troiano) - 20:21

Domenic Troiano - Guitars, Vocals
Roy Kenner - Vocals
Pentti "Whitey' Glan - Drums
Prakash John - Bass, Vocals
Hugh Sullivan - Piano (Only on tracks 12, 13, 14)

>Bush - Bush 1971 (remastered special limited edition)<


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USE the new version ; Install WinRAR v5.01.
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Many thanks for this great post ! I have the vinyl LP, but in poor condition. So very happy to grab this. Thanks again.

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I want some of these albums so so badly, but I just cant justify using up the space of my computer :( flac makes hard drives sad

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If you really want some of this albums so so badly,
CONVERT on lossy on YOUR SAD DRIVE! is the solution -;)
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