Jade (Marian Segal) - 1970 - Fly On Strangewings

In the pantheon of rare Folk Rock albums from the genre’s golden era of the early Seventies, FLY ON STRANGEWINGS by Jade is a bona fide classic. Largely ignored on its release on DJM in 1970, the album is now widely acclaimed, which has led collectors and connoisseurs to consider Jade’s main singer and songwriter, Marian Segal, as a much-overlooked talent.

FLY ON STRANGEWINGS is now treated to a deluxe 3-CD edition which finally tells the full story of Marian Segal’s musical career. Compiled and annotated with Marian’s involvement, this new package offers a second disc of early recordings of Marian with fellow Jade member Dave Waite, while Disc Three brings the story more up-to-date with solo and Marian Segal Band recordings.

Disc One re-presents the classic Fly On Strangewings album with seven contemporaneous bonus tracks, two of which are previously unissued.

Before becoming Jade, Dave Waite and Marian (or Marianne) Segal were a duo, playing the university circuit and in London clubs at the height of the Swinging London era. Their music was a fusion of British and American folk, but already contained many original elements, including superlative vocals, in the vein of Sandy Denny and The Strawbs

And there's not one bad song on it, and the music and the playing of the instruments by the other members is excellent as well, but it's Marian Segal's beautiful vocals that makes this one and only album by Jade a classic, and I higly recommend getting this if you like groups like Fairport Convention, Trees, Tudor Lodge, Mellow Candle, and many others. It really is a great album!
By Strat_Lvr

01. Amongst Anemones 3.53
02. Raven 2.35
03. Fly On Strangewings 4.27
04. Mayfly 3.33
05. Alan's Song 3.17
06. Bad Magic 3.18
07. Clippership 2.46
08. Five Of Us 4.06
09. Reflections On A Harbour Wall 2.32
10. Mrs Adams 3.27
11. Fly Me to the North 3.22
12. Away From The Family 4.48
13. Sepember Song Live 2 [Bonus] *
14. Big Yellow Taxi [Bonus] *
15. Carolina In My Mind [Bonus]
16. Chicago Radio Spots [Bonus]

Marian Segal - vocals, acoustic guitars
Dave Waite - vocals, acoustic guitars, banjo
Rod Edwards - vocals, harpsichord, piano, organ
Pete Sears - bass guitar
James Litherland - electric guitar
Terry Cox - drums, finger cymbals
Clem Cattini - drums
Mick Waller - drums
Phil Dennys - strings
John Harper - electric violin
Michael Rosen - acoustic guitars, rhythm guitars
Pete York - congas, percussion
John Wetton - bass 

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