Alas - Alas (1976) [Re2007]

Alas' debut album is an incredibly strong piece of progressive art-rock inspired by ELP, Canterbury prog, fusion a la Return to Forever. Considering that this is a debut album, the compositional and playing strength is jaw-dropping. Keyboard dominates over guitar. Drums are versatile and complex. There are even some avantgarde moments. The second track is more experimental featuring also instrumental solos and is more ELP influenced. "Rincon, mi viejo rincon" is a mellow simple track with lush keyboards. The vocal is decent but does not exceed the instruments. The bonus track "Aire" sounds like an older less sophisticated and rawer track in comparison to the first two ones.

Highly recommended album to the fans of instrumental tight progressive-rock fusion.

sgtpepper | 4/5 | 2019-1-17

01. Buenos Aires Solo es Piedra (15:48)
a) Tango
b) Sueño
c) Recuerdo
d) Trompetango
e) Tanguito
f) Soldó
02. La Muerte Contó el Dinero (17:36)
a) Vidala
b) Smog
c) Galope
d) Mal-ambo
e) Vidala Again
f) Amanecer/Tormenta
g) Final
03. Aire (Bonus track)
04. Rincon, Mi Viejo Rincon (Bonus track)

Total time: 41:58

Line-up / Musicians

- Gustavo Moretto / keyboards, synthesizers, flute, trumpet, vocals
- Alex Zucker / bass, guitar
- Carlos Riganti / drums, percussion



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