Albero motore - Il grande gioco 1974

This long out-of-print record is finally available again courtesy of Vinyl Magic! A five-piece band consisting of very good and capable musicians from Rome, Alberomotore (or Albero Motore as it was sometimes referred to) were aided and produced by the 1960s singer/guitarist Ricky Gianco. At different stages of their career, they were involved with various acts such as Il Ritratto di Dorian Gray, Raccomandata con Ricevuta di Ritorno, Samadhi, Goblin, Libra, Quella Vecchia

Locanda and Carnascialia. On "Il grande gioco" they collaborated with Gianco (owner of the Ultima Spiaggia label), Carlo Siliotto (Carnascialia), Giuliano Illiani (also known as Donatello, a well-known Italian singer), Luigi Cinque, who played with Banco del Mutuo Soccorso for awhile, and Gianni Nebbiosi. For this album the band recorded tracks that might not be immediately recognizable as classic Italian prog, and instead having a rural and genuinely hard-rocking edge, full of suspense, showcasing the excellent, rough and ready vocals of Maurizio Rota. Also the record has solid musical continuity and is still an excellent listen all these years later. After disbanding, most members of Albero Motore were involved in folk and world music projects: Marcello Vento played in Carnascialia and Canzoniere del Lazio and also for Antonello Venditti and Loredana Bertè; Marcello Vento - with Pierangelo Bertoli and Jenny Sorrenti, Adriano Martire - with Pietro Brega.

Studio Album, released in 1974
Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Cristoforo Colombo (6:16)
2. Le esperienze passate (3:33)
3. Una vita di notte (5:27)
4. Landru (4:41)
5. Israele (6:32)
6. Nel giardino dei lillà (5:29)
7. Capodanno '73 (2:40)
8. Provvisorietà (05:39)
Total Time: 32:12

Line-up / Musicians

- Glauco Borelli / bass, vocals
- Fernando Fera / guitar
- Adriano Martire / keyboards
- Maurizio Rota / vocals, percussion
- Marcello Vento / drums (later Canzoniere Del Lazio (1972-78)



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