Amon Duul II - Only Human (1978)

Review by thellama73
COLLABORATOR Eclectic Prog Team
3 stars. Okay, look. This album is way better than people give it credit for. Granted, it does not sound like Phallus Dei at all, but that doesn't make it bad, just different. What we have here is a band stretching out to encompass the style of the times, while adding its own unique flavor. As such, Only Human shows strong Disco influences, often incorporating elements from World Music.

Spaniards and Spacemen is a delightful highlight, fusing flamenco guitar with cutting edge electronic dance music. Kismet is also wonderful, with a distinct Middle East flavor. So if you're open minded and not averse to a little Disco, give Only Human a listen.

Review by greenback
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3 stars .AMON DÜÜL 2 has always had this strange style: bizarre, not really catchy, very German light prog compositions. They do good music, but what is amazing is that I do not find them catchy and accessible at all, despite I can feel in their compositions the many tries to be pop and catchy. Compared to the 2 other older records of them I own, the keyboards and sound here are more modern: it gives you the feeling of a more pop album, maybe. They still remain very German and marginal. The are some violin, piano and sax parts. The songs are loaded, and the instruments are well played, but there are many bits that do not retain my attention. But some bits are interesting,

Studio Album, released in 1978 [Castle Communications 1991]

Tracks Listing

1. Another morning (4:00)
2. Don't turn too stone (3:50)
3. Kirk Morgan (3:18)
4. Spaniards & Spacemen (6:15)
5. Kismet (7:50)
6. Pharao (4:45)
7. Ruby Lane (4:05)

Total Time: 34:03


- Klaus Ebert / bass, acoustic guitar, vocals
- Chris Karrer / acoustic & electric guitars, violin, Soprano sax, vocals
- Peter Leopold / drums
- Stefan Zauner / keyboards, acoustic & electric guitars, vocals 


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