Chris Karrer - Sufisticated 1996 (Amon Duul,Embryo related)

Chris Karrer was one of the most important members of Amon Düül 2.
While his first self-titled solo album he published in 1980,
was more or less prog pop (though somehow enjoyable to listen to),
the following albums in the 90s were quite different and strongly influenced by Karrer's conversion to Sufism.
They sound a lot like Embryo, and indeed Karrer was a member of Embryo for some time in the 90s.
Christoph Chris Karrer (born 20 January 1947, Kempten, Germany) is a German guitarist and composer. He also plays oud, saxophone and violin. He is known as co-founder of Amon Düül (later participating in the related and much more commercially successful project Amon Düül II) and for his collaboration with Embryo.With his band Amon Düül II he composed film music for Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Niklashauser Fart and Hans-Jürgen Syberberg's film San Domingo (Deutscher Filmpreis 1971 for film music).


1 Down At The Casbah 4:03
2 Tritonus Andaluz 3:46
3 La Bruja Santa 3:37
4 Taqsim Supreme 4:52
5 Al Risha 5:05
6 Visions Of Suleika 4:11
7 El Khahira El Kebira 13:52
8 Barbate 2:56
9 Lamento Del Moro 4:25
10 Barzah 2:14
11 Hicaz Oyün Havasi 4:57

Totale Time : 53:33

Acoustic Guitar – Rai Zimzik
Goblet Drum [Darbouka],bongos, Cajón, Finger Snaps, Percussion – Rafael Caro Jr.
Goblet Drum [Dombak] – Marika Falk
Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboards – Peter Paul Kuen
Ney [Nay] – Edgar Hofmann, Mostafa Rafaat
Organ – Michael Wehmayer
Oud, Guitar [Guitars], Violin, Saxophone, Performer [Robab], Sarangi, Percussion, Choir, Producer, Artwork By [Front And Back Cover Paintings] – Chris Karrer
Oud, Ney [Nay] – Yulius Golombeck
Performer [Daire], Goblet Drum [Zarb] – Saam
Santoor [Santur], Goblet Drum [Darbouka] – Christian Burchard
Vocals, Acoustic Guitar – Christian Philippi


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