Amon Düül [UK] - Airs On A Shoe String 1987 (Best Of...)

Country: United Kingdom - Germany

  Whether the UK branch of Amon Düül really needed a compilation after the release of just two studio albums is an interesting question. However, "Airs On A Shoestring" is an interesting album in its own right, comprising the long, freaky improvisation "One Moment's Anger Is Two Pints Of Blood" from their debut, two more commercial hard rock tracks from "Meetings With Menmachines Unremarkable Heroes From The Past", and "Hymn For The Hardcore", which would later appear on "Fool Moon".       But the real gem - and the real reason to buy this - is the otherwise unreleased "Olaf (Where's My $20,000)?",      a majestic, slowly unfolding progressive masterpiece that just may be the best thing they ever recorded.
Review by Politician

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Hymn for the hardcore (4:22)
2. Pioneer (4:11)
3. One moment's angel is two pints of blood (12:42)
4. Marcus Leid (9:44)
5. Olaf (Where's My $20,000?) (13:29)

Total Time: 44:30
Line-up / Musicians

- Anderson / Weinzierl


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