High Tide - Sea Shanties (1969)

5 stars Metalised psychedelic rock, the music impacts like nuclear force and settles within you. Led Zep, Deep P, Black Sabbath and assorted bands where supposed to be heavy, but this stands alone (we are talking about 1969) as the predominant ultimate heavy metal attack. Even compared with regular (80's) Heavy Metal (Metallica, Iron Maiden) High Tide has been there, seen it and done it already. Rougher, louder and better at it, if I may add.

Entrenched deep within the psychedelic scene High Tide explores the field in a new direction, forcefull guitar riffing, high paced rhythms (and some slow paced passages thrown in for good measure) makes High Tide stand with one foot in late 60's psychedelica and the other in 80's heavy metal, everything passes by, from The Doors (Walking Down Their Outlook) Iron Maiden (Death Warmed Up), till Led Zeppelin combined with Arthur Brown (Futilist's Lament).

This is one of those albums all must hear, certainly if you enjoy psychedelics and heavy metal, and like in my case preferably combined, Black Sabbath is great, this is better.
tuxon | 5/5 | 2008-2-23 progarchives.com
5 stars High Tide's debut album, Sea Shanties, seriously is an underrated/unknown gem. This album is a great meld of early metal and psychedelic rock. Tony Hill wrote, sang and played guitar on every track here, and he is the reason why Sea Shanties is my personal favorite guitar album of all-time. This guy absolutely shreds on most of the tracks here. The opening track, "Futilist's Lament", starts things off in a blaze of glory, but the next track, "Death Warmed Up", is not only the album's crowning achievement, but possibly the group's as well. It features Hill's full-fledged guitar assault take on the violin of a very talented Simon House. This song is a choatic, freaked out masterpiece. Things settle down with the atmospheric "Pushed, But Not Forgotten", and the awesome "Walking Down Their Outlook". The next track,"Missing Out" has some rather weak vocals from Tony Hill, but the jamming he and House does on this song more than makes up for it. The album closes with "Nowhere", which is a dramatic and fine way to end this terrific album. The interplay with Hill's guitar and House's violin is heard all throughout the ablum, and is one of Sea Shanties awesome qualities. The rhythm section consisting of drummer Roger Hadden and bassist Peter Pavli is solid, as these guys are better than your average drummer and bassist in my opinion. Sea Shanties, along with the group who made the album, should not be overlooked.
Kyle | 5/5 | 2006-12-11 progarchives.com
Excellent addition to any
prog rock music collection

Studio Album, released in 1969

Tracks Listing

1. Futilist's Lament (5:17)
2. Death Warmed Up (9:08)
3. Pushed, But Not Forgotten (4:43)
4. Walkin Down Their Outlook (4:58)
5. Missing Out (9:38)
6. Nowhere (5:54)

Bonus tracks on 2006 remastered edition:

7. The Great Universal Protection Racket (11:24)
8. Dilemma (5:14)
9. Death Warmed Up (demo) (7:35)
10. Pushed, But Not Forgotten (demo) (4:01)
11. Time Gauges (6:24)


- Roger Hadden / drums
- Tony Hill / guitar, vocals
- Simon House / violin, programming, piano
- Peter Pavli / bass

Releases information

LP Liberty LBS 83264 /   CD Eclectic Discs (2006) with bonus tracks.


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