Starfire - Starfire 1974

-Fairly average psych prog album from 1974 by this band from California. Some nice swirly organ and fuzzy guitar.
-Somewhat hard, semi-commercial prog rock, featuring some good guitar, and decent song writing. Nothing extraordinary here, but a good, solid album.

1. Comfort Me (3:10)
2. My Love Is Gone (4:58)
3. Many Moods Ago (3:06)
4. Birth of the Sun (7:05)
5. Island (3:27)
6. Slippery (3:23)
7. Merry Crises (4:13)
8. To Wonder Life Alone (7:04)
Duration: 36:26

Line Up:
Chris Muis - lead vocals
Robert Mitchell - guitar, backing vocals
Robert Sephton - bass, backing vocals
Dennis Hovenden - drums
Randy Kelley - keyboards


Edson Souza said...

First time here, thanks for good work


progDeaf gerEars said...

Welcome here ;-)

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