Blue Goose - Blue Goose 1975

                                        Hard, crunchy, guitar driven, blues-psych madness!!!!

Blue Goose is a really great record out of the UK from 1975 that sounds more like it's from 1972 or 1973. Just a real loud jammin, hard, heavy, psych/blues boogie sound with great guitars, keyboards and some harmonica. Everything I love about early 70's rock and a real lost gem!!!

Eddie Clarke(of Motorhead) left the band just prior to the recording of this album.

He was replaced by Mike Todman but still saw a songwriting credit on one song.

The very last song, Inside Yourself, is the real highlight for me - a fantastic drawn out psych-blues jam that goes on and on and on. I never wanted it to end!!! It's really too bad this was their only album....

Incidentally, the cover of this great LP is a really high quality embossed logo job. While it is available on CD outta Japan as an import, apparently amazon's not carrying it and that's a damn shame, cuz this really is a top favorite in my 'great lost 70's' collection and other folks should hear it!!!

Fans of this record should also check out Stray Dog, Jeronimo, Demian, Head Over Heels, Jericho, Second Life and Tin House.(By Tuco;
Blue Goose - Blue Goose 1975 (Japan 2004)


01. Stuttin' Stuff
02. The Chorus
03. Call On Me
04. Loretta
05. Snowman
06. Over The Top
07. Let Me Know
08. Inside Youself


Line Up:

   Alan Callan – synthesizer, guitar, vocals
   Mike Todman – guitar
   Nick Hogarth – keyboards
   Nick South – bass
   Chris Perry – drums


Anonymous said...

Nice to find this Gem back after Long Time.Thanks

Anonymous said...

I have seen this album many times since it was released but never got past the dull cover. Your description, the first I've ever come across, has done the trick. Going to give it a listen. Many thanks.


Jw Stevens said...

For some reason reminds me of black crowes, the faces , those type bands , but I love the whole album

jean.fouilleul said...

Nice post . Many thanks . Great blog !