Psarantonis & The Ensemble Xylouris - Mountain Rebels [RE-POST by request]

Original Release Date: October 1, 2008

Genres: Folk


 Incredible Collection of Authentic Cretan Roots 
Xylouris Antonis ( Greek : Anthony Xylouris, 1942 -), nicknamed Psarantonis ( Greek : Psarantonis) is A Greek Composer, performer and SINGER of LYRA , the bowed string Instrument of Crete and Surviving Most popular form of the Medieval Byzantine LYRA . He Comes from the mountainous Village of Anogeia in Crete and is the Younger Brother of the Late Xylouris Nikos , A Cretan notable SINGER / musician AS well AS the Older Brother of Yiannis Xylouris, An equally notable Cretan musician. His Son, Giorgos Xylouris , is Also A Professional musician mostly Playing the Lute . Psarantonis is Known for the Special Timbre of His Voice and His LYRA Playing Style. Apart from the LYRA Psarantonis VARIOUS Plays Traditional instruments. [the 1st] [2]

He played the lyre First at the Age of the 13th and recorded in His First 1,964 single, titled "I Thought of Denying You" ( Greek : Eskeftika to deny). He HAS Released Recordings since many HAS Then and represented Greece many times in Festivals Abroad. [the 3rd] [four]

In May 2005, Psarantonis Performed at the World Music Institute's 20th anniversary Benefit Concert at Town Hall , New York. In 2007 at the Rock Festival "All Tomorrow's Parties" in Minehead , UK. In January two thousand and nine, he gave memorable performances in the Rock Music Festival All Tomorrow's Parties Hosted in Brisbane , Sydney and Mount Buller (in Victoria) and curated by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds .

If you want to return your mind to Crete, this is the album to do it with...

 1. O chorós tis vrochis     3:11    
 2. Ine forés pou me methi     3:16       
 3. Paráta mblió tin xenitiá     8:15      
 4. Na min afinis giasemi     6:43      
 5. Anti na kléo tragoudó     1:56      
 6. Aspri kátaspri             4:16           
 7. Mazi chará kei lipi     2:33    
 8. Kontiliés                     7:33           
 9. Kimáte o ilios sta vouná     5:02      
10. Kantáda                     8:21      
11. Rethymniótika sirtó     3:54      
12. Naráidas gié             9:25    
13. Chaniótiko sirtó             7:41    
       Total Length: 1:12:06

Psarantonis: Lyra, mandolin, vocals
George Xylouris: lute, percussion, vocals
Lambis Xylouris: Oud
Win Xilouri: Vocals, percussion
Sophia Euclid: Cello
Nektarios Kontogiannis: Lute

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doghouse said...

Great post - would love to hear this but are you sure about that password ? won't work for me
thanks anyway

progDeaf gerEars said...

Copy and past the password ,if it don't work try C4ALL , enjoy man!

Alexander Schmidt said...

I am just back from Crete and I was lucky to see Psarantonis perform live in a bar in Chania before Easter. The bar was packed with mainly younger people, which is a good sign that Cretan folk music is still no museum piece. Having seen him now a few times over the years I must sazy he is still an amazing performer at 76 even so the sound wasn't great this evening (courtesy to the youn guy on the mixing desk, who was more interested to chat to a young woman than doing his job!). I bought a CD called "My Thoughts Are Like Wine Old", which I can only recommend to anyone interested in the farout end of Greek folk music! Thanks for posting this gem!