Psarantonis & The Ensemble Xylouris - Mountain Rebels [RE-POST by request]

Original Release Date: October 1, 2008

Genres: Folk


 Incredible Collection of Authentic Cretan Roots 
Xylouris Antonis ( Greek : Anthony Xylouris, 1942 -), nicknamed Psarantonis ( Greek : Psarantonis) is A Greek Composer, performer and SINGER of LYRA , the bowed string Instrument of Crete and Surviving Most popular form of the Medieval Byzantine LYRA . He Comes from the mountainous Village of Anogeia in Crete and is the Younger Brother of the Late Xylouris Nikos , A Cretan notable SINGER / musician AS well AS the Older Brother of Yiannis Xylouris, An equally notable Cretan musician. His Son, Giorgos Xylouris , is Also A Professional musician mostly Playing the Lute . Psarantonis is Known for the Special Timbre of His Voice and His LYRA Playing Style. Apart from the LYRA Psarantonis VARIOUS Plays Traditional instruments. [the 1st] [2]

He played the lyre First at the Age of the 13th and recorded in His First 1,964 single, titled "I Thought of Denying You" ( Greek : Eskeftika to deny). He HAS Released Recordings since many HAS Then and represented Greece many times in Festivals Abroad. [the 3rd] [four]

In May 2005, Psarantonis Performed at the World Music Institute's 20th anniversary Benefit Concert at Town Hall , New York. In 2007 at the Rock Festival "All Tomorrow's Parties" in Minehead , UK. In January two thousand and nine, he gave memorable performances in the Rock Music Festival All Tomorrow's Parties Hosted in Brisbane , Sydney and Mount Buller (in Victoria) and curated by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds .

If you want to return your mind to Crete, this is the album to do it with...

 1. O chorós tis vrochis     3:11    
 2. Ine forés pou me methi     3:16       
 3. Paráta mblió tin xenitiá     8:15      
 4. Na min afinis giasemi     6:43      
 5. Anti na kléo tragoudó     1:56      
 6. Aspri kátaspri             4:16           
 7. Mazi chará kei lipi     2:33    
 8. Kontiliés                     7:33           
 9. Kimáte o ilios sta vouná     5:02      
10. Kantáda                     8:21      
11. Rethymniótika sirtó     3:54      
12. Naráidas gié             9:25    
13. Chaniótiko sirtó             7:41    
       Total Length: 1:12:06

Psarantonis: Lyra, mandolin, vocals
George Xylouris: lute, percussion, vocals
Lambis Xylouris: Oud
Win Xilouri: Vocals, percussion
Sophia Euclid: Cello
Nektarios Kontogiannis: Lute
Free Text:

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doghouse said...

Great post - would love to hear this but are you sure about that password ? won't work for me
thanks anyway

progDeaf gerEars said...

Copy and past the password ,if it don't work try C4ALL , enjoy man!

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