Quicksilver Messenger Service - Solid Silver (1975)

..../....The band continued with the lineup of Gary Duncan, Greg Elmore, Dino Valenti and David Freiberg until September 1971 when Freiberg was jailed for marijuana possession. He was replaced by Mark Ryan (bass) and the group added Mark Naftalin (aka "Chuck Steaks") on keyboards, and this lineup recorded two more albums, Quicksilver (Nov. 1971) and Comin' Thru (Apr. 1972)[9], a mere 36 minute album with "Doin' Time in the USA," as the album's most familiar cut. The group disbanded shortly after the recording of the latter album.

In 1975, original members Greg Elmore, Gary Duncan, Dave Freiberg, John Cippolina, and Dino Valenti reunited for the  album, Solid Silver ,featuring cameo performances by Nicky Hopkins on a couple of tracks, plus contributions from various San Francisco area musicians, including Jefferson Starship's Pete Sears. By this time Freiberg had become a member of Jefferson Starship -- he had worked with Paul Kantner and Grace Slick to form a trio on the album Baron Von Tollbooth and the Chrome Nun, leading to full-time membership in the dying days of Jefferson Airplane as the band evolved into Jefferson Starship.

Since Solid Silver, Gary Duncan assembled various different lineups performing as Quicksilver Messenger Service still performing today.

1. Gypsy Lights
2. Heebie Jeebies
3. Cowboy On The Run
4. I Heard You Singing
5. Worryin' Shoes
6. The Letter
7. They Don't Know
8. Flames
9. Witches' Moon
10. Bittersweet Love

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 >Quicksilver Messenger Service – Solid Silver (1975 / 1993<

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