Om Kalthoum - Anta Omry 1964

Oum Kalthoum - inta Umri (Enta Omri) (You Are My Life)live 64  1 january
Lyrics: Ahmad Shafiq Kamel. Music: Mohammad Abdul Wahab

About the Artist
Also known as 'The Star of the East', Om Kalthoum (Om Kolthoum, Om Kalthum, Um Kalthum, Om Kalsoum, Um Kaslum) is considered to be the best and most influential Arab singer who ever lived, and one of the most popular singers in the history of music. She was born in Egypt in 1908, and died there in 1975 after a very productive life in which she sang over 400 songs. Her songs are still heard with the same reverence as when she was alive. Her audience still hums along or cries in reaction to the passion she evokes and the wide range of pitch with which she sings. One reviewer mentioned that her following totals that of Elvis Presly and Maria Callas combined. Over 1 million of her albums are sold every year. Her songs were composed by the most prominent Arab composers such as Zakariyya Ahmad, Mohammad al-Qasabji, Riad el-Sounbati, Mohammad Abdul Wahab, Mohammad el-Mougi and Baligh Hamdi.

By  PhoenixTree:
This is a live cd of Oum Kalthoum singing her most famous (and arguably the best) song, Inta Omri, 'you are my life.' Many, and I mean many, people have covered this song (while significantly shortening it), from Zehava Ben to Sarit Hadad, but no one can match Oum Kalthoum's original passion. Her voice soars on this album, and compliments the epic music wondrously. This has always been my favorite Oum Kalthoum song, it is the epitome of her tireless efforts. 'regaaouni aainek, li ayam ili rahou, aalemouni andam, aalel madhi, we gerahou; ili shouftu, abli mat shoufak, ainaya...'
By S. Joneja:
I am a non-Arabic speaker and do not understand the lyrics of this album. But one thing I am certain of, no other piece has of music has touched me the way this album did. It is mesmirizing. The range of emotions that get evoked listening to Om Kathoum sing Inta Umry have to be experienced to know that they ever existed.
By Dr D;
This is among the best if not the best lyrical music ever written. It is poetry, beauty, passion and stark naked emotion. I have been listening to this since I was about 5 years old - the year that she passed away (on eight track!); back then the internet was non-existant so I didn't understand any of the lyrics. Now having read the translation I am even more emotional when I listen to this. It is no wonder that she had more people at her wake than the pope. If this becomes available again through Amazon I would highly recommend getting a copy for yourself and experiencing the legacy Oum Kalthoum has left behind for us.
This page contains the English-language translation to the song lyrics of "Inte Omri"


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