Genesis - From Genesis To Revelation (1969)

1967–1970: The beginning

Genesis was formed in 1967 when Peter Gabriel and Tony Banks were students at Charterhouse School in Godalming. Formed out of school bands Garden Wall and The Anon, Genesis's original line-up consisted of Peter Gabriel (vocals), Anthony Phillips (guitar), Tony Banks (keyboards), Mike Rutherford (bass & guitar) and Chris Stewart (drums). The group (minus Stewart) originally formed as a songwriting partnership with no intention of performing, but decided to start playing their own music when they were unable to find anyone else willing to record it.

Charterhouse School alumnus Jonathan King attended a concert at Charterhouse in 1968 while the band was still in school. Following the concert, another student gave King a tape of songs the band had recorded and King thought enough of them to sign them to a recording contract. King was a songwriter and record producer who had a hit single at the time, "Everyone's Gone to the Moon". King named the band Genesis (after previously suggesting the name Gabriel's Angels , recalling that he had "thought it was a good name... it suggested the beginning of a new sound and a new feeling."

The resulting album, From Genesis to Revelation, was released on Decca Records in March 1969. During the sessions, Stewart was replaced by John Silver on drums. The band recorded a series of songs influenced by the light pop style of the Bee Gees, one of King's favourite bands at the time. King assembled the tracks as a concept album, and added string arrangements during the production. Their first single, "The Silent Sun", was released in February 1968. The album sold poorly but the band, on advice from King, decided to pursue a career in music.[5] King holds the rights to the songs on the From Genesis to Revelation album and has re-released it many times under a variety of names, including In the Beginning, Where the Sour Turns to Sweet, Rock Roots: Genesis, ...And the Word Was and, most recently, The Genesis of Genesis.

From Genesis to Revelation was the first album by Genesis, released in March 1969 on Decca Records in England (London Records in North America). It was produced by Jonathan King, who discovered them in 1967 while the members of Genesis were pupils at Charterhouse School, King's alma mater.


1. "Where the Sour Turns to Sweet" – 3:16
2. "In the Beginning" – 3:47
3. "Fireside Song" – 4:20
4. "The Serpent" – 4:40
5. "Am I Very Wrong?" – 3:33
6. "In the Wilderness" – 3:33
7. "The Conqueror" – 3:42
8. "In Hiding" – 2:40
9. "One Day" – 3:22
10. "Window" – 3:35
11. "In Limbo" – 3:32
12. "Silent Sun" (Gabriel/Banks) – 2:15
13. "A Place to Call My Own" – 2:00
14 - A Winter's Tale
15 - One Eyed Hound
16 - That's Me
17 - The Silent Sun (mono single version)


* Peter Gabriel – vocals, flute, percussion
* Anthony Phillips – guitar, vocals
* Tony Banks – organ, guitar, piano, keyboards, vocals
* Mike Rutherford – bass guitar, guitar, vocals
* John Silver – drums, vocals, except on "Silent Sun"
* Chris Stewart – drums on "Silent Sun"

* Strings & Horns Arranged & Conducted By Arthur Greenslade & Lou Wharburton

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