Looking for Jenny - Monkey Rudiments (EP TNR. 050) MP3 Promo

The band - looking for jenny -  released by Lê Almeida label, transfução noise records (Brazil), the second EP called "Monkey Rudiments". 


While the first EP - Random Walk - wandered among many subjects, this new work of the "Looking for Jenny" has the anxiety as its backbone. "Monkey Rudiments" offers a good deal of distortion and melody, tied to stories about car accidents and medical disappointments. The six tracks that make up the album were recorded in the members' house in São Carlos, São Paulo, and produced by the band.

Looking for Jenny is a quartet formed by Bruno (bass), Otávio (guitar), Andrêi (drums) and Thiago (guitar / vocals). The EP was mastered by Paulo Casaes and the cover was made by Lê Almeida.

link to download: bandcamp: 

I hope you like it

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