Vinegar Joe - Six Star General (1973) vinyl ( RE-POST)

 This 1973 album from the critically acclaimed group Vinegar Joe--a band formed from the remains of Dada, including Elkie Brooks, Robert Palmer, Pete Gage, and Steve York--features 10 tracks of R&B-influenced rock.

Formed from the remnants of big Rock band Dada, Vinegar Joe were brought together by Island Records founder Chris Blackwell. With Elkie Brooks on vocals, Robert Palmer on guitar and vocals, Pete Gage (guitars, piano) and Steve York (bass, harmonica) at the core of the group, and numerous musicians on drums and keyboards,
 the band recorded three albums between 1971 and 1973.
 Six Star General was originally released in 1973. 
Vinegar Joe quickly established themselves as a popular live act, with their forthright and gutsy performances they attracted rave reviews!
If this album slipped past you in the 70s, you don't know what you missed. great songs and playing. Elkie Brooks vocals are awesome and diverse, but interplay between her and Palmer sets the album apart.

Vinegar Joe / Six Star General

Elkie Brooks Vocals
Jim Mullen Guitar
John Woods Drums
Keef Hartley Drums
Mike Deacon Keyboards
Pete Gage Piano, Guitar, Producer
Pete Gavin Drums
Steve York Harmonica, Bass


1. Proud To Be (A Honky Woman)
2. Food For Thought
3. Dream My Own Dreams
4. Lady Of The Rain
5. Stay True To Yourself

6. Black Smoke Rising From The Calumet
7. Giving Yourself Away
8. Talkin' 'bout My Baby
9. Let Me Down Easy
10. Fine Thing

 I'm angry about this reissue, 9 Jan 2009
Steve York (Minneapolis, Minnesota USA) -  
This review is from: Six Star General (Audio CD)

I was the bass player with Vinegar Joe. This is the my favourite of the three VJ records. It was doomed from the start as it was released during the "vinyl crisis" of the 70's. The first pressings sold out fast but then there were no more pressed for a long time. Island Records was already preparing for Robert Palmer's solo career and basically put this album on ice.
Politics prevented the reissue of this record for many years and I was happy to see it available on CD. When I realised that it had been lifted from a worn LP I was very angry. Most of these tracks have been repackaged on the "Six Star Gypsies" CD and these are clean copies, so someone has good digital versions of these tracks.
I would have much preferred that the reissues reflected the the original albums. Releases like this one,and the compilation releases do not reflect the band.
It irks me that I can't legally post good versions of these recordings on my website. I hope nobody got paid for putting this reissue together because they are certainly screwing the musicians! 
tech info:
Stereo amplifier Pioneer A-109
Phono input (mm): 2.8mV/50K, overload:1kHz,THD,0,1%, 150mV.
Phono record player  Technics SL-BD20 (DC Servo)
Diamond (sapphire) Audio Technica AT 2005
nois & clicks reduce with CoolEdit 2000 Pro

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