The Soft machine - Jet Propelled Photographs (1969) [JazzRock]

The Soft machine - Jet Propelled Photographs (1969) (SPA - Charly 1989)

Review by Richie Unterberger

Jet-Propelled Photographs [Charly] is the latest-available CD version of a title which has been repackaged and retitled several times over the last 30 years. Recorded in London in April 1967, and produced by the legendary Giorgio Gomelsky, these nine demos feature the original Soft Machine lineup of Robert Wyatt, Kevin Ayers, Mike Ratledge, and Daevid Allen. Although not intended for release, these rough but accomplished performances show the band at their most pop- and song-oriented. Not far removed from Syd Barrett-era Pink Floyd, the jazzy chord changes, unpredictable bursts of scat singing, glib free-association lyrics, ominous buzzing organ, and Robert Wyatt's soulful rasp convey the freewheeling abandon and giddy high spirits that characterized the best early British psychedelia. For similar but more elaborately produced relics from the Daevid Allen lineup, check for the three tracks on the hard-to-find triple LP Triple Echo.
That's How Much

Daevid Allen Guitar
Kevin Ayers Vocals
Richard Luckett Art Direction, Design
John Platt Liner Notes
Mike Ratledge Organ, Piano
Robert Wyatt Drums, Vocals


I Need You Now 2:25
2 Save Yourself 2:41
3 I Should've Known 7:27
4 Jet-Propelled Photograph (A.K.A. Shooting at the Moon) 2:30
5 When I Don't Want You 2:47
6 Memories 2:56
7 You Don't Remember 3:42
8 She's Gone 2:08
9 I'd Rather Be With You 3:40

time total 31;12

===>The Soft machine - Jet Propelled Photographs (1969)<===

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Thanks you for Soft Machime great creative group 1970's

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