Dom - Edge Of Time (1970)

4 stars Now here is a superb find for all those who love early experimental Krautrock. "Edge Of Time" is a pure holographic folk-avant garde album recorded in early 1970 by a quartet with members from Germany, Poland and Hungary. Dom definitely reside more on the acoustic dreamy side than on the electric side with soft hand percussion, acoustic instruments, space synths and lots of flute. No question these were a true astral quartet who thru their hallucinogenic music will take you on a voyage into space. I hear traces of early PINK FLOYD,  and even CLUSTER in their music, but overriding DOM's music is original. Second Battle have done a fantastic job in preserving and re-mastering this album to perfection with tons of great bonus tracks and interesting artwork. Electronic progressive psychedelia at its finest.

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5 stars DOM is one of those "unknown" bands who released only one great album and disappeared forever such as: Yatha Sidhra, Arzachel, and Älgarnas Trädgård (even though they released a lost album not too long ago). Edge of Time will take you on a psychedelic journey in a matter of 36 minutes. What we have here is minimal acoustic material mixed with soft organs, lovely flutes, and strange sounds. So take a few tokes and start dreaming as the overall sound of this album gives off a "dream" like state.

With the use of limited vocals on this album, I think it adds more of an affect on the listener, where the only real vocals are on the title track and which it matches the poem on the cover of the album. Other then that, it's just faint whispers and moans. Even the vocals on the title track are very monotonous and dreamy, thus making it the most dramatic part of the album (at the 5:27 point) along with some of the most beautiful music, especially the flute solo, that I've ever heard. About half the album is filled with weird noises and sounds which are familiar in the Krautrock scene. Hell, if you listen closely in "Silence", they even used the drum fill from In The Court Of The Crimson King (title track) right before the ending riff. Any King Crimson fan will recognize that drum fill. Although it's very faint, you will have to listen closely for it. Most of the "actual" acoustic material is similar in a sense, but it will not disappoint. For the use of percussion, organs, flutes, and bass help keep things interesting throughout the album.

This album is a hard to find type gem, so if you are willing to pay over $500 or 200 pounds for the actual vinyl, it is waiting for you on eBay as of this moment. So I advise you to buy the cd if you can or download the album. For the extra tracks that are on the cd, they are nothing special. The first four extra tracks was material that was supposed to be on DOMs next album entitled "Flotenmenschen" I believe. The last bonus track "Let Me Explain" was a new song that was made for the CD release. Nothing spectacular here. So if you are fans of rare, obscure 70's rock/folk albums, this is something for you. Especially for Krautrock fans.

I give this masterpiece of an album a simple 5/5!
Clegg | 5/5 | 2007-1-8

Studio Album, released in 1972

 Tracks Listing

1. Intruitus (8:55)
2. Silence (8:53)
3. Edge Of Time (9:05)
4. Dream (9:37)

Total Time: 36:30

Bonus Tracks on 2001 Remaster:

5. Flotenmenschen 1 (6:31)
6. Flotenmenschen 2 (1:15)
7. Flotenmenschen 3 (1:17)
8. Flotenmenschen 4 (1:11)
9. Let Me Explain (6:37)


- Reiner Puzalowski / guitar, flute, vocals
- Hans Georg Stopka / organ, guitar, vocals
- Laszlo Baksay / bass, vocals
- Gabor Baksay / percussion, flute, vocals

CD Second Battle ‎- SB 063 (2001, Germany) Remastered by Jürgen Krasser with 5 bonus tracks recorded in 1972 (5-8) and 1998 (9)


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