Popol Vuh - In Den Garten Pharaos (1971) Ed2004

Popul Vuh's career was inextricably tied to that of genius filmmaker Werner Herzog, one of the brightest lights of Junger Deutscher Film, a concurrent cinematic movement whose designs on building a new German culture mirrored that of the krautrockers. Florian Fricke's project was perfectly suited to the realm of cinematic score because, unlike many of their rhythm-driven peers, they made eerie, floating, shape-shifting mood music. Mixing synth drones with North African percussion, Fricke created environmental paeans that liberated spiritualism from its liturgical past, celebrating a glorious, hippy-ish pantheism. In Den Gärten Pharaos is split into two lengthy, loving workouts, in which the Popol Vuh sound is almost born before your eyes.

Popol Vuh - In den Garten Pharaos.
(Studio Album, 1971)

1. In den Gärten Pharaos (17:37)
2. Vuh (19:48)
Total Time: 37:25

SPV 085-70112 CD 2004 
+2 BONUS tracks:

3 Kha-White Structures 1 (Bonus Track) (Formerly Unreleased)
4 Kha-White Structures 2 (Bonus Track) (Formerly Unreleased)


- Florian Fricke / Moog synthesizer, organ, Fender electric piano
- Betina / cymbals, production
- Frank Fiedler / Moog synthesizer, mixdown
- Holger Trülzsch / African & Turkish percussion


Anonymous said...

i just discovered your blog and downloaded the popol vuh album, but i can`t find the password. Can you reveal it?

progDeaf gerEars said...

Go back to the free text page,
where the password is always mentioned.
Enjoy man -;)

Anonymous said...

Ok. Many thanks!

Chris said...

thanks for the remastered version with bonus tracks

Anonymous said...

Hello, I have just discovered your blog although it feels familiar so maybe I've been here before. Anyway, I've just helped myself to this Popol Vul album, two Guru Guru albums and some Amon Duul I and Amon Duul II albums. Me and my ears are very grateful for your generosity. Thank you very much indeed.
Best regards, TF, London

matias said...

Thanks for this amazing blog, unfortunately I can not find the passwords, I do not know what the free text page is ...sorry, can be more specific?..

progDeaf gerEars said...

Hi matias,
Clic on the last line: >Popol Vuh.....tracks<
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