Guru Guru - 1970 - UFO (Repost by request)

A bunch of free-jazz musicians taken under the spell of rock'n'roll (and,
 well, acid, too), Guru Guru took their experimental, interpretive,
improvisational training and applied it to psychedelic rock.
Their debut album —named, with no irony, UFO— voyages headlong into the
far-reaches of the known audio galaxy; the band ringing out all kinds of
 crazy sounds from an utterly normative line-up of guitar, bass, and
drums. The album's 10-minute title-track is a fearless plunge into totally
 freeform, utterly freaky trance-states, and it is followed by the fried,
 flute-strangling closer "Der LSD Marsch," whose title gives a pretty
 good example of the imbibing habits of Guru Guru,
both at the time and in the future.

5 stars Guru Guru's debut record UFO is a real krautrock experience and offers all the aspects which we could expect on a krautrock record: acid rock, spacetrips and originality.

Side one is filled with acidic rock jams which sounds a bit like Jimi Hendrix live experiences, but without the blues part. The drums are industrial-like and this trio of krautrockers are playing really tight and interactive. It's quiet amazing that this sides duration is about 18:30 without much variation in sound, but continually exciting. After her first listening my wife said to me:"wow, the guitar sounds like a girl getting an orgasm!". Well, this song is called "girl call": I guess this was their meaning!

The second side starts with the titletrack UFO. This 10 minute during track is a real piece of art. This is no song nor composition: this sounds like there are UFO landing in your backyard! I once had a friend on the phone while listening to this record and he asked me if I was sitting in a train because of the backgrounds. Well, this is a bit what this track is about: some unearthly sounds created by electronic equipment, mixed with tapes of train and machinal sounds. This is a real spacetrip in the way like I had never heard before. The last song sounds like the songs on the first side; acidic rock jamming on it's best.

I'd really do like the unique way of spacetripping of the titletrack and the acidic spacerock parts are more than just fine. This originality and consistent good record will be rewarded with no less than five stars!
the philosopher | 5/5 | 2012-1-30

 Tracks Listing

1. Stone In (5:43)
2. Girl Call (6:21)
3. Next Time See You At The Dalai Lhama (5:59)
4. Ufo (10:25)
5. Der LSD / Marsch (8:28)

Total Time: 36:56


- Ax Genrich / guitar, Fx
- Uli Trepte / bass, electronics
- Mani Neumeier / electric drums, cymbal, gong, electronics, tape, vocals

>Guru Guru 'UFO' (1970) CD Ohr ‎- CD 556005-2 (1993, Germany) <

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