Kebnekajse - Resa mot okant mal 1971

You could say that KEBNEKAJSE were more or less formed out of the ashes of the legendary Swedish band MECKI MARK MEN, where three soon-to-be KEBNEKAJSE members were playing. KEBNEKAJSE's debut album "Resa mot okänt mål" (A Journey to destination unknown) is a Swedish classic, although it differs a lot from the albums that would follow. This album was released before KEBNEKAJSE discovered the Swedish folk music. Now it has finally been available in the CD format, 30 years after the original LP release.

The music is loud guitar based hard rock with reminiscences to CREAM, MECKI MARK MEN, MOUNTAIN, NEON ROSE and NOVEMBER. The sound was somewhat typical British but the sparse lyrics were in Swedish. Perhaps it's quite unfair to say so, but I have always considered the guitarist Kenny Håkansson to be the most important member in the band. It was he who gave KEBNEKAJSE their unique sound with his original guitar sound and playing.

This album contains for instance the wonderful instrumentals "Frestelser i stan", "Orientens Express" and "Resa mot okänt mål" together with four other magnificent songs. The beautiful cover artwork by Kenny Håkansson, Rickard Trädgårdh, Rolf Scherrer and Pelle Lindström is worth a special mentioning too.

If you're a fan of early 70's Swedish hard rock in the likes of NEON ROSE, NOVEMBER, SOLID GROUND and TRETTIOARIGA KRIGET you will definitely love this album too. Highly recommended!
(by Greger

1. Tänk på livet (4:58)
2. Frestelser I stan (4:47)
3. Orientens express (2:06)
4. Resa mot okänt mål (7:14)
5. Jag älskar sommaren - solen och varma vindar (10:47)
6. Förberedelser till fest (3:33)
7. Kommunisera! (5:12)

time: 38:37

- Gunnar Andersson / chorus
- Pelle Ekman / drums
- Mats Glenngård / chorus
- Kenny Håkansson / guitar, vocals
- Pelle Lindström / chorus
- Bella Linnarson / bass
- Tomas Netzler / chorus
- Rolf Scherrer / guitar 


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