Karthago Live At The Roxy (1976)

Editorial Reviews
Probably the best live album in the history of German rock music.
Fireworks of rhythm at the percussion by Tommy Goldschmidt and Ringo Funk,
the best Gerald Luciano Hartwig I have ever heard on the bass guitar,
 Reinhard Bopp being the perfect complement to Joey,
Ingo Bischof who shines as a master of all keyboard instruments,
 using sound layers, sometimes as the vibrant driver of the rhythm combo,
 as congenial partner of the lead guitar or as brilliant soloist.
And finally Joey Albrecht, lead singer with a powerful,
 unique voice and a world class guitar play. 

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. The World is Like a Burning Fire
2. Sound in the Air
3. Rock 'N' Roll Testament
4. We Gonna Keep it Together
5. Thema in C
6. The Second String Rambler
Disc: 2
1. Wild River
2. Highway Seeker (Did Nobody Tell You)
3. We Give You Everything You Need
4. Going Down
5. See You Tomorrow in the Sky

Joey Albrecht     Guitar, Vocals
Ingo Bischof     Keyboards, Vocals
Reinhard Bopp     Guitar, Vocals
Ringo Funk     Drums
Tommy Goldschmidt     Drums
Gerald Luciano Hartwig     Bass, Percussion, Vocals

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