Chicken Shack - On Air (Original BBC recordings) [RE-POST]

The next sighting of a Chicken Shack release came in 1991 with the release of On Air, one of the Band of Joy BBC session recordings. It's since been reissued. It featured mainly stuff from the first four Chicken Shack albums, an exhortation from Stan on the liner notes to get hold of his new CD Changes, and some annoying fade outs.These recordings are with Christine Perfect

01 - Tired eyes
02 - I'd rather go blind
03 - Tears in the wind
04 - Nights is when it matters
05 - Telling your fortune
06 - You know you did
07 - Midnight hour
08 - Hey baby
09 - Things you put me through
10 - Get like you used to be
11 - You done lost that good thing now
12 - Look Ma I'm crying

  >Chicken Shack - On Air (Original BBC recordings)<

First published on Aug 15, 2011 by Val

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wcpaeb said...

Thanks for the re-post.
I had some of this on cassette 30+ years ago nice to now have it in such good quality