Amon Duul UK - Fool Moon 1989

The British Amon Düül were formed in 1981 in Great Britain by guitar player John Weinzierl (Penguin) and bass player Dave Anderson, who both had been members of Amon Düül 2. They published a few albums during the 80s; sadly most of them with very little information about who played on them; only "Die Lösung" gives some detailed information on the cover. From the information on "Die Lösung" one can see that the line-up was very interesting, at least on this record; besides Weinzierl and Anderson it features Robert Calvert of Hawkwind as singer (he was also responsible for the lyrics), Julie Wareing on vocals, Guy Evans of VdGG on drums and Ed Wynne and Joie Hinton of the Ozric Tentacles on guitar and synths. Their records were of varying quality; I recommend "Die Lösung", which should be something every prog-fan should like, and "Hawk Meets Penguin" for those who are not afraid of free-form improvisation in the style of the early Krautrock.

Review by Mellotron Storm
4 stars It can get a little confusing when there's three AMON DUUL's listed on this site.The original AMON DUUL were a free love, hippy commune from Munich, Germany that started in 1966.They weren't all that great musically and that wasn't their goal either. It was about expressing yourself in any way possible. Chris Karrer who was more serious about the music left and formed a new version of this band while the other band still kept going.This new version were the most famous and now legendary Krautrock band AMON DUUL II. Dave Anderson and John Weinzeirl were part of the beginnings of AMON DUUL II and both played on the debut "Phallus Dei". Dave would go on to become a member of HAWKWIND. Anyway fast forward to the eighties and John Weizeirl has relocated in Wales and built a home studio. He contacted Dave Anderson and they along with VDGG's drummer Guy Evans and vocalist Julie Wareing re- formed AMON DUUL and became commonly known as AMON DUUL UK.Their first album was called "Hawk Meets Penguin", and this one "Fool Moon" is their third release. Julie is gone by this time but in her place we get HAWKWIND's Robert Calvert.

"Who Who" opens with experimental sounds including banging noises. Chaotic is the word. We start to get a beat 3 minutes in as spoken vocals arrive and echo like on some HAWKWIND albums i've heard.This is very psychedelic. Guitar and heaviness around 5 minutes. Cool track. "The Tribe" is an instrumental that opens with guitar, drums and bass that build. Great sound here. Love the guitar especially 4 1/2 minutes in. And the bass has an echo affect on it. "Tik Tok" is my least favourite probably because of those tape loops of accelerated ticking clocks. It then turns into an electronic tik tok. I like when the heavy guitar and drums arrive though after 2 1/2 minutes.

"Haupmotor" is such a cool track that opens with the sounds of the woods with the water running and birds singing.Then you can hear someone using a saw then all these voices, then cars driving by as city life has taken over. Some cool ideas here.Then after 6 minutes the music kicks in and Calvert starts to sing in German ! Incredible track. "Hymn For The Hardcore" has an Eastern vibe to it because of the sitar which they apparently got from a neighbors house. Fuzzed out lead guitar with percussion too. So much going on though.

I feel fortunate to have the remastered version of this album, especially for the excellent liner notes by Andy Higgins. Highly recommended to those who like HAWKWIND, AMON DUUL II and adventerous music.
Most of the album contains long, instrumental jams which, even if a little repetitive, have a strong psychedelic vibe to them (particularly the last track, with loads of sitar) and for those familiar with the musicians involved, their execution on their respective instruments is immediately noticeable. Guy has got the most inventive and imaginative percussive skills in the prog world (VDGG/Hammill, Mother Gong, Long Hello etc) and Dave A's bass is solid and clear (always liked him in early Duul and his one time stint with Hawkwind). So, this is a great album, and something of a treat (this is a 1989 release) and I wouldn't hesitate recommending this to fans of the bands mentioned above, or for the curious wanting an album of 70's spirit from a time when the art had long become a business.
Review by Tom Ozric

Plastic Head Records PHRLOO9CD 2008 REMASTERED

Studio Album, first released in 1989
Tracks Listing

1. Who Who (6:55)
2. The Tribe (7:20)
3. Tik Tok (8:06)
4. Hauptmotor (16:51)
5. Hymn For The Hardcore (4:15)

Total Time: 53:27


Dave Anderson  ;bass
JohnWeinzierl : guitar
Robert Calvert : Vocals
Guy Evans : drums


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A MUST 4 DEAF EARS/amon-duul-1989-fool-moon.


Anonymous said...

Would like to hear "Airs on a Shoe String" -best of Amon Düül UK, because there is also one song, "Olaf (Where's My $20,000?)", unreleased elsewhere.

progDeaf gerEars said...

Airs On A Shoe String is labelled a ‘best of Amon Düül’ but is actually a summation of Anderson and Weinzierl’s collaboration. However, it’s a good choice of tracks, a nice overview, and this material stands on its own merits.
(from R2Magazine)

I'll post this here soon i've found a copy!

Anonymous said...

This file does not exist

progDeaf gerEars said...

This file EXIST ;)-