Raw Material - St (1970)

4 stars This album is recomended for every progressive rock lovers. It has it all. Long guitar sequences and fine musical melodies with a lot of new ideas that must have inspirated other bands from the same district! The opening cut is absouletly fantastic. Enjoy this record!

4 stars A good, if overlooked progressive rock effort and one that really does rock, despite the relative lack of electric guitar. The leadoff track "Time And Illusion" seems to be very much influenced by "The Least We Can Do..." era Van der Graaf Generator with it's intense vocal and gothic keyboard sound.


1. Time And Illusion
2. I'd Be Delighted
3. Fighting Cock
4. Pear On An Apple Tree
5. Future Recollections
6. Traveller Man
7. Destruction Of America

Bonus tracks:
8. Time And Illusion (different version)
9. Hi There Halleluja
10. Bobo's Party
11. Days Of Fighting Cock


- Colin Catt / lead vocals, keyboards
- Mike Fletcher / saxophone, flute, vocals
- Dave Green / guitar
- Phil Gunn / bass, guitar
- Paul Young / drums, percussion

A progressive rock band whose original albums are now very rare and sought-after. Mike Fletcher had earlier been in Steam and Cliff Harewood later came on board from Welcome, but neither of these bands had made it onto vinyl. Some members were later in Shoot; Dave Green had been a member of Deep Feeling.
The A-side of their eponymous album includes three strong, long tracks: "Time And Illusion", which had a long instrumental break and vibraphone on leading role; "I'd Be Delighted", which featured strong vocals, good flute and sax work and "Fighting Cock", which builds in strength after a mellow beginning. The B-side is not so good, although the finale, "Destruction", is a poetry recitation with unidentified orchestral backing.


Personal note  ;

First reissued on CD by Background HBG 123/2, 1993, and BAD quality!!!
This one is the remastered CD by Relics RELCD 3004, (28 september 2010)
They does’t listen the bonus titles on the coverart, (no idea why)
But sure this is the best CD quality you will find arround , and the bonus are cool to have too!!

  Raw Material - St (1970)[RZLCD 3004 Remastered 2010

>Raw Material - St (1970)[RZLCD 3004 Remastered 2010]<



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