Mahalia Jackson - In Concert, Easter Sunday (1967) RE- POST

Recorded at Philarmonic Hall, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, New York, Easter Sunday 1967


by Richie Unterberger (All Music Guide)
Jackson's Easter performance at New York's Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts on March 26, 1967, was her first big concert since being afflicted with heart problems three years before that. Any discomfort or loss of form would be hard to detect in this strong performance, at which she was accompanied by piano, organ, guitar, and drums. For the most part it sticks to slow- to mid-tempo numbers, the shouter "Come on Children, Let's Sing" being the notable exception. The 2001 CD reissue on Columbia/Legacy adds four previously unreleased bonus tracks from the same concert, of which the jubilant "Elijah Rock," with a prominent organ and a melody similar to Little Willie John's "Fever," is a highlight. (customer)
Any one who has listened to previous Mahalia Jackson albums/songs will immediately notice something different about this particular performance. Upon deeper examination of history, we learn that Jackson had been in the throws of illness for a time prior to this concert.The result is a mellower, quiet performance.
However, do not be discouraged by this bit of information, because the Easter Sunday Concert album has to be not only one of Mahalia Jackson's best albums, but also one of the best gospel albums ever.
What makes this album so phenomenal is Jackson's veteran vocal ability. From the very first note she sings it's painfully obvious that she isn't at 100%. At times, she is breathy and sounds tired.
However, in the grand tradition of a seasoned vocal smith,he manipulates her weakness and combines it with her strength, and the result is an even stronger masterwork.
Mahalia Jackson's voice is unearthly, and therefore could not be broken by illness or time. Though this is a "quieter"performance, it is no less remarkable. This album shows how Mahalia Jackson was a true vocal genius, in her own right and in our hearts.
My personal favorite on this album is "He Will Remember Me,"where she belts and swings to a bluesy arrangement of the song.
She sings much of this song in her upper register and it sounds delightful.
My other favorite is "Calvary," which is utterly spectacular.
Her range from lowest note to highest in this one song could send many of today's pop stars running in shame to get vocal lessons. Another notable selection is "Elijah Rock," which a grand, one-woman showcase of the spirit that defines the Sanctified Church. By the end of the song, the participation of the audience threatens to tumble the very walls of the Lincoln Philharmonic Hall with enthusiastic hand-clapping in syncopated 4/4 time.
This is a great album for Easter or any time of the year.
Any one who has loved previous works of Jackson will not be disappointed with this CD.
It is an essential installment in her musical catalog and a glowing testament of her unique vocal gift.


01. In My Home Over There    [0:06:32.55]
02. He Will Remember Me    [0:04:19.02]
03. He Was Alone    [0:04:19.40]
04. Out Of The Depths    [0:04:51.15]
05. Thy Will Be Done    [0:03:51.18]
06. Were You There    [0:05:42.52]
07. Holding My Savior's Hand    [0:02:48.55]
08. Calvary    [0:03:37.40]
09. There Is A Balm In Gilead    [0:05:35.23]
10. Come On Children, Let's Sing    [0:04:14.17]
11. Evening Prayer    [0:04:50.70]

Bonus Tracks:

12. It Don't Cost Very Much    [0:04:33.08]
13. If I Can Help Somebody    [0:03:54.70]
14. Lord, Don't Let Me Fail    [0:06:04.30]
15. Elijah Rock    [0:04:23.07]


Edward David Robinson - Piano
Charles Clency - Organ, Guitar, Tambourine
Mahalia Jackson - Vocals
Jo Jones - Drums

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