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Wind biography

West Coast 60's inspired German psych rock band. Their first album "Seasons" (1971) is considered to be a little classic in the early days of progressive rock. It features complex epic songs within heavy rock, psych-spaced out proportions. "Morning" (1973) is a catchy collection of almost conventional heavy rocking songs. Without gaining the commercial success, the band split in 1973. The drummer Lucky Schmidt will pursue his career with the band Aera.

Review by sinkadotentree
Very much an organ driven band who put out two albums in the early seventies.I must admit i've struggled with my rating here.I love Krautrock but this album comes across more like a URIAH HEEP record at times, a band i'm not too fond of.Now it's certainly not all like that.I really like when they slow things down.The sound quality is okay but poor by todays standards. Love the pictures of the band,three of the guys have the biggest afros i think i've ever seen(haha). "What do we Do Now" opens with organ before vocals and a full sound join in.A calm with flute after 1 1/2 minutes then it kicks back in as contrasts continue.The organ is great 6 1/2 minutes in and it's followed by a guitar solo. "Now It's Over" is my favourite.The organ floats as gentle guitar and reserved vocals join in.Very FLOYD-like. "Romance" is a short piano filled track. "Springwind" is my second favourite.It features organ and piano early as the wind blows in.It kicks in after a minute.The vocals sound so good,different from normal.The guitar and organ are ripping it up before 6 minutes. "Dear Little Friend" features powerful organ in fact it's nasty at times.Some guitar before 3 minutes. "Red Morningbird" is the almost 16 minute closer.It's pastoral with nature sounds early.Vocals after 3 minutes then it kicks in around 5 minutes.The guitar lights it up a minute after that.Another calm then heaviness after 12 minutes.It settles once more to end it. It's funny but the two songs i like the best sound different from all the rest.I'm giving it 3.5 stars but will continue to listen, so i may upgrade it down the road.

Studio Album, released in 1971

1. What Do We Do Now (8:28)
2. Now It's Over (4:25)
3. Romance (1:35)
4. Springwind (7:10)
5. Dear Little Friend (4:17)
6. Red Morningbird (15:54)


Steve Leistner / Lead Vocals, Harmonica, Percussion
Thomas Leidenberger / Guitars, Vocals
Andreas Büeler / Bass, Vocals, Percussion
Lucian Büeler / Organ, Piano, Vocals, Percussion
Lucky Schmidt / Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Clavinet, Piano

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