Tangerine Dream - Electronic Meditation (1970)

Electronic Meditation is the debut album by the German electronic music group Tangerine Dream.

The album was recorded in a rented factory in Berlin in October 1969, using just a two-track Revox tape recorder.
Its style is a unique form of free jazz, electronic art music, and instrumental rock;
or as Sound on Sound magazine described it, "free electronic rock".
Its instrumentation ranges from conventional instruments such as the guitar, organ, drums,
and cello to various custom-made electronic devices implemented by Edgar Froese and found sounds
such as broken glass, burning parchment, and dried peas being shaken in a sieve.
The backwards vocals at the end of side two are actually Edgar Froese reading from the back of
a ferry ticket from Dover to Calais. The original LP had a balloon inserted in the cover.

Electronic Meditation is the only Tangerine Dream album to feature the line-up of Froese, Schulze and Schnitzler. The 2002 CD reissue on Sanctuary Records revealed that there were two previously uncredited musicians: organist Jimmy Jackson and flautist Thomas Keyserling.


All songs written by Edgar Froese, Klaus Schulze, Conrad Schnitzler.

1. "Genesis" – 5:57
2. "Journey Through a Burning Brain" – 12:26
3. "Cold Smoke" – 10:38
4. "Ashes to Ashes" – 4:06
5. "Resurrection" – 3:27


* Edgar Froese – six- and twelve-string guitar, organ, piano, sound effects, tapes
* Conrad Schnitzler – cello, violin, typewriter
* Klaus Schulze – drums, percussion, metal sticks
* Jimmy Jackson – organ (uncredited)
* Thomas Keyserling – flute (uncredited)

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