Human Beinz - 1968 - Evolutions

 Best known for their December 1967 top ten smash 'Nobody But Me', the Human Beinz also recorded some of the best American psychedelia of the 1960s, much of which appears on this 1968 classic. Also included here are historical liner notes and both sides of their ultra-rare final, Japanese-only 45, making this package essential for lovers of garage rock and psychedelia.
This CD would have to be on my desert island list. The seven minute "April 15th" is one of the best psychedelic fuzz guitar songs ever recorded.

Track List:
01. The Face
02. My Animal
03. Every Time Woman
04. Close Your Eyes
05. If You Don't Mind, Mrs. Applebee
06. I've Got To Keep On Pushing
07. Cement
08. Two Of A Kind
09. April 15th
10. Hold On Baby
11. This Little Girl Of Mine


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