Amon Düül II - Manana (1971 '73) THE COMPLETE BBC RECORDINGS

rod45 Nov 26 2014  3.50 stars
Good "live" recording of some of their early to middle 70's stuff. Live in London is a bit better but if you were into this band way back when, I think you will appreciate this. Of course a wee buzz helps as it does with all Amon Duul 2 recordings.
RIP  Lothar Meid
RIP  Peter Leopold
Lord_Corkscrew Jan 13 2009  3.00 stars
This is the complete BBC recordings by Amon Düül II. Most of it was already available in the 1992 BBC Live in Concert album.

tagomago Mar 20 2002  4.00 stars
Mostly recorded at the Golders Green Hippodrone, London in 1973 Manana is an excellent companion to their 1973 Live In London album. Unlike Live In London, Manana concentrates largely on their post 1972 material with the exception of two tracks ("Kanaan","Dem Guten, Schonen, Wahren") from their 1969 debut Phallus Dei. Most of the performances here are tight and energetic, although not as well played as the performances on Live In London. This recording also features many of the same tracks performed live in the studio for the John Peel Show in 1973 as bonus along with two rather poor remixes of previously available material which Amon Duul II seems to be dumping on all their disks as bonus tracks.

 Recorded live in concert at the Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, UK on May 10, 1973.

01. Ladies Mimikry
02. Kanaan
03. Dem Guten, Schšnen, Wahren
04. Green Bubble Raincoated Man
05. Manana
06. Trap

Recorded during the Tanz der Lemminge sessions, 1971.

07. Marilyn Monroe Memorial Drums
08. Chewing Gum Telegram (alternate mix)

John Peel Session, May 8, 1973.

09. Green Bubble Raincoated Man
10. Manana
11. Dem Guten, Schšnen, Wahren
12. Trap

Tracks 1-6:
Renate Knaup - vocals
Chris Karrer - guitars, violin, sax, vocals
John Weinzierl - guitars, bass
Danny Fichelscher - drums, guitars, bass, vocals
Peter Leopold - drums
Falk Rogner - keyboards

Tracks 7 & 8:
Chris Karrer - guitar
John Weinzierl - guitar
Lothar Meid - bass
Peter Leopold - drums

Tracks 9-12:
Renate Knaup - vocals
Chris Karrer - piano, guitar
John Weinzierl - guitar
Danny Fichelscher - drums
Peter Leopold - drums
Falk Rogner - keyboards

1-6 Recorded live in concert at the Hippodrome, Golders Green, London 10/5/73.
7 & 8 Recorded for the Dance Of The Lemmings Sessions, 1971.
9-12 Recorded for the John Peel Show 8/5/73.

1-6 & 9-12 ℗ 1973 BBC
7 & 8 ℗ 1971 Amon Düül 2
This compilation:
℗ 2000 Strange Fruit

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