Amon Duul II - Almost Alive (1977)

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With the six tracks on 'Almost Alive', Amon Duul II still caped the magic of their music. Even if this album sounds more mainstream, you can always feel the vibe of the early 70th, when Duul started to become Germany's music export No. 1. Highlights on this album are the dark and apocalyptic sounding 'Ain't Today Tomorrow's Yesterday', one of the most inventive instrumentals that Amon Duul II ever recorded and 'Live In Jericho', witch ends up in a madly Jam-Session. 'Almost Alive' is what the title already says, an album with the spontaneous, uncaged music that Amon Duul II ever recorded. For the complete re-issue series of the Amon Duul 2 catalogue, the band recorded exclusive bonus material.

Amon Duul II - Almost Alive
By EC320 on November 7, 2012

"Almost Alive" is a rather obscure "krautrock" cd from Amon Duul II. this is one of their better efforts. somewhat theatrical but still with a lot of rock 'n' roll spirit. recommended for those that like "progressive" rock music...a la "Yes" and "Starcastle"

Studio Album, released in 1977  [Revisited Rec. 2005]
Tracks Listing

1. One Blue Morning (7:30)
2. Goodbye My Love (8:13)
3. Ain't Today Tomorrow's Yesterday (7:40)
4. Hallelujah (4:13)
5. Feeling Uneasy (6:02)
6. Live in Jericho (13:19)

Total Time: 46:57

bonus tracks on 2005 re-release
7. Cosmic Insects (6:11)
8. Live In Obergurgl (1:38)
9. Kitchen Jam (6:57)

Total Time: 61:43


- Klaus Ebert / bass, acoustic & electric guitars, vocals (1-2)
- Chris Karrer / acoustic & electric guitars, sax, vocals (3)
- Peter Leopold / drums
- John Weinzierl / acoustic & electric guitars
- Stefan Zauner / keyboards, synthesizers, vocals (5)
- Claudja Barry / backing vocals (2)
- Jörg Evers / string arrangements (3)
- Keith Forsey / percussion (1)


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I picked up a used LP copy of this a few years ago and only got to listen to it once before my turntable died. I don't really remember anything about it except that I liked it. It will be great to finally give it a second listen. Many thanks.


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