Love - Four Sail (1969)

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2002 remastered reissue of the West Coast folk-rock/psychedelic band's 1969 album for Elektra includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks, 'Robert Montgomery' (Alternate Vocal Version), 'Talking In My Sleep' (Alternate Mix) & 'Singing Cowboy' (Unedited Version). Updated liner notes include contributions from frontman Arthur Lee. Elektra.
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This review is from: Four Sail (Audio CD)

Everybody seems to think of the album 'Forever Changes' when Love is mentioned. That album has become popular over the years due to curiosity, film soundtracks, etc. But most people dont seem to be very familiar with Love's other work. And even though 'Four Sail' featured a different line-up (with Arthur Lee) the album - in my opinion holds out just as much and just as strongly as 'Forever Changes'. Actually I listen to 'Four Sail' much more often then 'Forever Changes'. The band's line up here were very gifted, funky and heavy musicians. But you also have the beautiful voice and lyrics of Mr. Lee. You get the heavy as well as the soft and emotional.
'Four Sail' is heavier than one would expect and is so much more than your typical late 60s psychedelia. The bands first 2 albums are more pop-like in terms of the so-called "flower power" sounds. Then of course later things changed. For the better. Im not knocking their first works. Not at all. Everything you can find from Love is amazing. ( I own all the albums) But for me- Ill take 'Four Sail' over the others if I had to choose only one. It never gets old. Im never tired of listening to this band ever- and especially this album. This could have been a major hit.....possibly. But youd have to know the band's history to understand why their albums didnt sell as well as most great bands from that time. I strongly suggest any album from Love but this one in particular. It will indeed blow your mind. Arthur Lee was one of our great Amerikan minds. He can make you cry, smile, dance, and love all at the same time. He can make you free. God bless him.
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Track Listings
1. August
2. Your Friend And Mine
3. Im With You
4. Good Times
5. Singing Cowboy
6. Dream
7. Robert Montgomery
8. Nothing
9. Talking In My Sleep
10. Always See Your Face
11. Robert Montgomery (Alternate Vocal) (Bonus Track)
12. Talking In My Sleep (Alternate Mix) (Bonus Track)
13. Singing Cowboy (Unedited Version) (Bonus Track)

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