XIT - Plight Of The Redman (1972)

Classic 70′s American Indian rock. This is the record that inspired a whole generation of young American Indians throughout North America and labeled XIT as “the musical ambassadors of the American Indian Movement.”
(featuring A.M. Martinez on all vocals)

01: Beginning
02: At Peace
03: I Was Raised
04: NIHAA SHIL HOZHO (I Am Happy About You)
05: The Coming Of The Whiteman
06: War Cry
07: Someday
08: End?


[SOAR 101 1999]
P.S:..if you knew the second album “Silent Warrior”,

and you have like it,

this one is for you ,

Uhgg,ughh; enjoy white  ,red, yellow & black Brothers

=>XIT - Plight Of The Redman (1972) [SOAR 101 1999]<=

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