Amon Düül III [UK] Meetings With Menmachines, Unremarkable Heroes Of The Past (1982)

By 1971, it was clear that Amon Düül II was the major unit of the axis. Still, lineups were barely stable enough to credit the same group with all of the work released under the Amon Düül II banner. Members came and went during the early '70s -- the only constants were Karrer and Weinzierl -- and Amon Düül II gradually progressed away from the acid-improv style of their first recordings to embrace a more pop-oriented approach to progressive rock on 1973's Vive la Trance and the following year's Hijack, which saw many old members returning to the fold. Two new additions, Stefan Zauner and Klaus Ebert, added a keyboard-dominated quasi-disco sound to 1976's Pyragony, and the duo's sound soon dominated the crumbling Amon Düül II lineup. Both Knaup and Weinzierl left the group by 1978 (to play with, respectively, Popol Vuh and Embryo), and Amon Düül II finally halted one year after.

Just two years later, however, Amon Düül II reunited with most of the original lineup to record another album, Vortex. That same year, Weinzierl moved to Wales to begin a British version of the band with old bandmate Dave Anderson. What should have been billed "Amon Düül III" was, however, simply christened Amon Düül. The release of four albums during the 1980s (including Hawk Meets Penguin, Meeting With Menmachines and Die Losung) confused even adept listeners, while Amon Düül II appeared to be finished.

In the 80's guitarrist Weinzierl and bass player Dave Anderson moved to UK (Wales) and with underground british musicians begins a different group that they call , again, Amon Duul . They recorded 4 discs only (There is also a compilation, see the post).
To avoid confusion is usual to call this new band as Amon Duul-UK or Amon Duul-III (they call himself this way in his only live performance).

Guy Evans Drums
Nigel Molden Executive Producer
Julie Wareing Vocals
John Weinzierl Guitar

(01) Pioneer
(02) The Old One
(03) Marcus Leid
(04) The Song
(05) Things Aren't Always What They Seem
(06) Burundi Drummer's Nightmare

==>Amon Düül III [UK] Meetings With Menmachines<==

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