Amon Duul II - 1981-Vortex (Psychedelic Krautrock)

(2005, SPV_Revisited SPV085-304022_REV011, Remaster, bonus)
Studio Album, released in 1981

Three years after audiences left them for dead (after the abysmal and best-forgotten ONLY HUMAN), the Düül return with a surprisingly vital reformation effort in VORTEX. The lineup this time: Karrer, Knaup, Rogner, Fichelscher (he and Renate were members of the then-current lineup of Popol Vuh) and Jörg Evers (on bass), with guest appearances by John Weinzierl, Lothar Meid Zauner (relegated to playing keyboards, mercifully not contributing to the songwriting).

The sound is somewhere between VIVE LA TRANCE and MADE IN GERMANY. The cabaret sound returns for "Mona", but most of the sound is a lot more intense, as on the pulsating title song and the dramatic "Gestern ist das Heute von Morgen". This is probably the most Renate-heavy of all the albums, she sings lead (or co-lead) on every song (even the "instrumental" title track), so if you're a fan, you'd do good to check it out.

Songs / Tracks Listing

1. Vortex (5:50)
2. Holy West (5:09)
3. Die 7 feten Jahr' (4:33)
4. Wings of the wind (4:50)
5. Mona (5:01)
6. We are machine (5:16)
7. Das Gestern ist das heute von Morgen (4:30)
8. Vibes in the air (6:27)

9. Whatever (8:34)(bonus track)
10.(Ras)Putin in der Badewanne (9:19) (bonus track)

Total Time: 59:51

Line-up / Musicians

- Renate Aschauer-Knaup / vocals, tambourine
- Jörg Evers: bass, acoustic & electric guitars,
- Daniel Fichelscher / drums, acoustic guitar, percussion
- Chris Karrer / acoustic & electric guitars, violin, saxes
- Falk U. Rogner / synthesizers

+ Lothar Meid / bass (6)
- John Weinzierl / guitar (7)
- Stefan Zauner / piano, synthesizers

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