Chicken Shack - Accept (1970) RE-POST

The band were formed in April 1965 , naming themselves after Jimmy Smith's Back at the Chicken Shack album. Chicken shacks (chicken restaurants) had also by then frequently been mentioned in blues and rhythm and blues songs, as in Amos Milburn's hit, "Chicken Shack Boogie". Their first concert was at the 1967 National Blues and Jazz Festival at Windsor and they were signed by the Blue Horizon record label in the same year.

Talented guitarist Stan Webb is regarded by many as one of the great un-sung heroes of British blues music. He was born in London on February 3, 1946 and at a young age moved to Kidderminster with his parents. During the 1950's, he started playing guitar in local skiffle bands and eventually formed his first group called The Blue Four. By this time, Webb was heavily influenced by American blues and R&B music and later formed Sounds Of Blue.

Chicken Shack enjoyed modest commercial success, with Christine Perfect being voted Best Female Vocalist in the Melody Maker polls, two years running.

Perfect left the band in 1969 when she married John McVie of Fleetwood Mac. Pianist Paul Raymond, bassist Andy Silvester, and drummer Dave Bidwell all left in 1971 to join Savoy Brown. In 1977 Silvester joined Los Angeles based ensemble, Wha-Koo. Webb was also recruited for Savoy Brown in the mid-1970s, and recorded the album Boogie Brothers with them.

John Glascock, later of Jethro Tull, played on Chicken Shack's Imagination Lady (1972) album.
Accept is the fourth album by the blues band, Chicken Shack, released in 1970. Accept was Chicken Shack's last album on the Blue Horizon label. This album was also the last for Andy Sylvester, Dave Bidwell and Paul Raymond as members of Chicken Shack.
Stan Webb remains a much respected guitarist whose contribution to early British blues music continues to gain recognition. He still occasionally performs today as both a solo act and also sometimes with various new line-ups of Chicken Shack.
Chicken Shack-1970-Accept [REMASTER  JAPAN 2005]
    Diary Of Your Life     4:20    
    Pocket     3:22    
    Never Ever     2:30    
    Sad Clown     2:40    
    Maudie     2:50    
    Telling Your Fortune     3:05    
    Tired Eyes     2:03    
    Some Other Time     3:00    
    Going Round     2:40    
    Andalucian Blues     2:10    
    You Knew You Did You Did     2:20    
    She Didn't Use Her Loaf     3:10    
    Apple Tart     0:02    
     Hideaway (Instrumental Bonus)   5:07

Dave Bidwell     Drums
Paul Raymond     Keyboards, Vocals
Andy Silvester     Bass
Stan Webb     Guitar, Vocals
Allison Young     Vocals

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