Stud - The SWF Session 1972

Stud / SWF Session 1972 (Long Hair 2009)LHC 00081
Genre: Progressive Rock

Long Hair says: "Another true classic from the SWF (German Radio Station) vaults comes with the STUD recordings from summer 1972. At that time the STUD members had said "farewell" to their English record label Decca and spent most of their time on the Continent, mainly in Germany where they were rather successful. With John Weider on violin and guitar they had just an album (September) out on BASF and played a lot of Club gigs and festivals. During their 1972 tour they were invited by radio station SWF to play a recording session at radio stations main studio U1 in Baden-Baden. There were two sessions that took place in April and Mai 1972. STUD recorded titles from their first and second album but varied the material to give the recordings a special claim. From hard rocking "Good Things", to fourteen minutes epic title "Horizon" and shining ballad "Make Me High" these recordings are an impressive prove of the bands musical bandwidth and the bandmembers' excellent technical skills. CD comes with band story. Digitally remastered from the original tape. For the first time on CD. Don't miss it."

Track list:
01. GOOD THINGS Weider 06:57
02. SAMURAI (Piano-Version) Cregan 02:40
03. HORIZON Cregan/Wilson/Mc Cracken 13:45
04. MAKE ME HIGH Cregan 06:36
05. OCEAN BOOGIE Cregan 03:35
06. SAMURAI (Guitar-Version) Cregan 02:59
Time : 36:43

Line Up:
Jim Cregan: lead guitar,acoustic guitar,lead vocals
John Weider: guitar,piano,violin,vocals
Charlie McCracken: bass
John Wilson: drums,percussion

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